Avast Antivirus has a variety of features from which one of them is the Mail Scanner feature. The Mail Scanner feature of Avast provides security for the incoming and outgoing emails, this feature also inserts an email signature into your outgoing emails, without your knowledge.

Many people feel frustrated with the issue & end up uninstalling avast antivirus but in this post we will change that.

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List of Mail scanner Messages

There are specific messages allocated for each version of Avast, and these messages automatically inserted when you send out emails. There is no way you can change or modify the words selected by Avast. However, you can turn off/on the settings to stop the messages and remove the avast signature message from your Email.

Here’s the list of messages picked from each version of Avast.

  • Virus-free: designated in Avast software 2017 & 2018
  • This Email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software: Avast antivirus version 2014 & 2015
  • This Email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast: Avast antivirus 2016 version.
  • Email is free from viruses and malware because Avast antivirus protection is active: Avast version 7 or much older version. Well, if you are using this version, then you might want to upgrade the software.

These are the list of messages that go with the Email you send around. To remove these email messages, follow the guide given below:

Because avast had different variants & protection of many sorts we must keep an different steps & idea of how to fix the issue.

To remove the avast signature for avast free antivirus & avast premium security & few other products the steps should be like given below-

  • open avast antivirus interface and go to Menu under it Find Settings
Avast Settings
  • Select Protection & then Core shields
  • Now scroll it down to Configure shield settings and now click the tab that says mail shield.
Avast Settings
  • Uncheck the box in front of Add a signature to the end of sent emails.

now it should be disabled from any outgoing emails.

Remove Avast Signature: Version 2018

To remove Avast email signature from your Email, in avast 2018, you need to perform these simple below given steps:

  • Open your avast antivirus software.
  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Tap on the General option.
Avast Settings
  • Find the option named as; Enable Avast email signature.
  • Un-check the feature to continue.
  • Now, click OK to confirm.
  • Restart your system after completing the process.

Visit to your Gmail account and check whether there are notifications for an avast email signature. If the changes made are done correctly, then the signature messages have erased, and no third party line will appear in your official Email from now onwards. users assume that there is a fatal error of avast that says avast shouldn’t take this Long to Load the software because of these msgs but this is not true.

Remove Avast Signature: Version before 2016

The removal of Avast signature from the older versions of 2016 can take some to execute, but the process will surely help. Follow the same steps to remove the Avast email signature.

  • The first step involves adding the Mail Shield component.
  • Open the Start menu and head over to Programs.
  • Click on Programs and Features. Tap on change.
  • Your Avast antivirus setup will appear.
  • Choose modify.
  • Check the Mail Shield component.
  • Click on change and confirm to continue.

Wait until the change takes place, now follow the next steps to remove the avast email signature.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Find Notepad and click to open it.
  • Run Notepad as administrator.
  • In Notepad, press CTRL+O.
  • Provide the windows path for whichever OS you are using.
  • Once the files are open, find the following and change their values to 0
  • insertNoteCleanMSGIn:0
  • InserNoteCleanMSGOut:0
  • insertNoteinfectedMsg:0
  • Save the file and confirm Avast dialog.

This technique is to remove the Avast Email signature using the EmailShield.ini File. After completing the messages, make sure to open your Email and check whether there is a notification of an avast email signature. If not, the issue has been solved. Make sure to restart the system after saving the file. it is not true that avast slowdowns a pc as long as you keep it steady & optimized

The Conclusion

The mentioned methods can help you out while removing the Avast email signatures from your Email. If you come across any problems related to the technique, do say your

Queries in the comment section given below.

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