Gaming is an entertaining online activity that takes us away from our mundane lives and brings us many adventures. Whichever game you’re into whether it is Fortnite, Battlefield 2042, or Call of Duty Vanguard, you need specific standards for your device and network to enjoy the game. 

First of all, you need to have good speed in order for your traffic to flow quickly to the gaming servers. Furthermore, you need to feel secure in your connection because gaming is dangerous to do online. There are hackers and cyber criminals that are just waiting to pounce on vulnerabilities. Also, the most important part, is ensuring you have a low ping so that your game goes by smoothly without lag.  

This is why we recommend always using a Virtual Private Network while online gaming. A VPN service not only hides your IP address from harmful hackers, it also lowers your ping. Lowering your ping depends on the speed that your data is passing from and to your network. A high ping is a bad sign, and you’ll know because your game will feel slow and sluggish.  

Finding the appropriate VPN can seem hard, but the most recommended VPN for gaming is NordVPN. NordVPN is a robust VPN that provides many features that secure your online activity and lowers your ping. In this article, we will discuss why it’s essential to use a VPN for gaming, and why NordVPN is the appropriate choice.

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Why Use a VPN with Gaming?

Just like you fight enemies on the gaming battlefields, you also need to fight them online! There are many issues that present themselves when you’re online and here are some of them: 

DDoS Attacks

Let’s start with the dangers. A denial of service attack is when hackers flood your IP address with bogus traffic. This prevents you access to the game. You might wonder what their intentions are, and mostly it is because they are fellow competitors trying to sabotage you. Why allow them? Use a VPN for gaming to prevent DDoS attacks. A VPN has servers that reroute your data through these servers. This means that the DDoS attackers cannot find you in the first place.  


Many games online limit themselves to specific regions. This also applies to updates, features, and new packages that are only available in specific areas. Therefore, to have access to all of the games you want, you need to use a VPN. A VPN service unblocks geo-restrictions by changing your IP address into the one you want.  


When gaming online, you risk getting your network or device infected with malware. You can get infected by actually playing the game, or by clicking a random link on the servers. It doesn’t matter how it happens because the result is the same: destruction. Malware corrupts your files and even steals it. A good VPN service provides anti-malware features that also rid you of ads.  

Lowing your Ping

A low ping is what matters. You need your ping low in order to enjoy a good game, no matter which game you choose to play. If you face ping issues, you might lose your sync with the gaming servers, and from there, you lose the game. Why risk that when you can solve this problem with a VPN? Lowering your ping requires a good VPN service that can speed up the transfer of data.  

The most suitable VPN service for gaming and lowering your ping is NordVPN. Check out the best gaming features that NordVPN has to offer.

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NordVPN Gaming Features

Excellent speed

Speed is what matters when online gaming. You need to shoot in time or react in time to win the battle. So, you need quick servers and hence, no high ping to ruin your time.  

With NordVPN, you get excellent bandwidth speeds that we tested on our own devices. Connect to a server that is closer to you in region, and that will provide the most optimal speed for gaming. 

Also, don’t worry about running out of servers because NordVPN has over 5,000 servers you can choose from. 

In fact, according to Cloudwards, NordVPN offers the best download speed worldwide at around 90 Mbps out of 8 VPN providers whose speed they tested. Their upload speed is also neck-and-neck with their main competitors, sitting between 8 and 9 Mbps. 

We have also tested NordVPN’s speeds on Call of Duty Warzone and the results were suitable to all of your gaming needs! Check out the article here.  

So, does NordVPN decrease ping?

Yes. By connecting to an optimized server, you will lower your ping and improve your gaming experience. NordVPN uses optimized routing tables in order to improve overall latency. This feature can be very useful, specially if your ISP isn’t great.

DDoS protection

Intead of risking your gaming round by losing access to the servers, use NordVPN for gaming. It really is that easy; NordVPN has DDoS protection on every one of their servers, so you can rest easy while playing. You can feel at ease knowing that NordVPN protects you from DDoS attacks from hackers and other competitors.  

Cybersec for malware

Cybersec is the NordVPN feature that blocks malware and ads. This is especially helpful because NordVPN for gaming offers you a shield against these threats. You can access websites knowing that Cybersec will warn you if the website is malicious.  

Can NordVPN bypass ISP bandwidth throttling?

Yes, NordVPN provides thousands of alternate IP address so that you won’t get throttled by your ISP. Your internet service provider can track your online activity and throttle your bandwidth if you use too much. This is frustrating for a gamer, and hence using NordVPN for gaming can help get rid of this problem. Changing your IP address hides you from your ISP’s constant traffic monitoring. 

Access to geo-restricted content

Remember those annoying restricted updates and games? When you use NordVPN for gaming, you get access to all the restricted updates, features, and games in other regions. NordVPN also has the best optimized servers that unblock any and all restricted content.  

How to Setup NordVPN for Gaming?

To make sure that NordVPN is working for your online gaming experience, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a NordVPN account and get a subscription. 
  2. Download the NordVPN client and launch it on your device. 
  3. Click on CTRL + R, type cmd and hit enter
  4. Type ping game_server_address and notice the written Value. 
  5. After that, connect to a NordVPN server.  
  6. Go back to the cmd prompt and check the value.  
  7. Compare the two numbers: if the NordVPN value is smaller, then your ping is lower! You can now enjoy NordVPN for gaming

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Using NordVPN on Xbox and PS

If you’re a gamer, then you know that to play a good and exciting game, you need to use your gaming console. Worry not, however, you can use NordVPN on your Xbox and PS!

Since gaming consoles don’t support VPN connections, you can get around that by sharing your connection through your PC. This essentially means downloading the VPN client on your PC and then sharing the connection with your Xbox or Playstation.

Another way to use NordVPN on your gaming consoles is to set up the VPN on your router and use that connection on your console. If you have a gaming console and want to use NordVPN on it, you can take a look at this.

Conclusion – NordVPN for Low Ping 

High ping is the most frustrating thing in the gaming community. Make sure to always use a VPN for gaming to lower your ping and to unblock geo-restrictions. Most importantly, use NordVPN for these specific reasons, and to also protect you from cyber threats.

NordVPN for gaming decreases lowers your ping through its optimized servers. This VPN also protects you against malware and DDoS attacks so that you can enjoy any online game on any device.

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