Quick Guide: Best VPN For Valorant

These VPNs can help you reduce lag/latency and play Valorant in any region around the world

  1. NordVPN: Price starting from $3.71/month
  2. CyberGhostVPN: Price starting from $2.25/month
  3. ExpressVPN: Price starting from $6.67/month
  4. Private Internet Access: Price starting from $2.69/month

Valorant was one of the most popular games in 2020 and continues to be a favorite among casual and professional gamers in 2021 as well. The free-to-play multiplayer game, developed by Riot Games is extremely fun. Specially when you play with your friends and have proper team communication.

With a VPN you can easily switch regions and play on Valorant servers in a different time zone. That could be very beneficial if you’re looking to play with your friends abroad. But also if you want to experience the game in another region just for the love of diversity.

Additionally, if you’re having connectivity issues while playing Valorant, a VPN can help with that as well. Any of the best Valorant VPN list I’ve curated below can help with reducing lag and ping time with stable high speed VPN connections.

Although all 4 VPNs in this article work flawlessly with Valorant, some offer more value for your money than others. Go over the features and pricing of each and choose the one that best suites your needs and budget. I recommend NordVPN or CyberGhost as the top 2 options for being premium providers of the highest quality, yet maintaining affordable pricing and huge savings with long-term plans.

Best VPN for Valorant

For a VPN to allow you to play Valorant in a different region without getting banned or blocked and reduce your lag at the same time, you’ll need a VPN with high speed servers that are optimized to deliver stable connections with minimal latency. That’s a tall order many VPN providers fail to achieve. Which is why I’ve tested many VPNs with Valorant and concluded that these 4 are the absolute best choices.

These premium providers offer the most value for your money and a guaranteed high quality service for all your gaming needs. Take a look at some of the features and special deals for a Valorant VPN in the table below.

#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Save 68% with the 2-year plan at $3.71/month
  • star star star star star
  • Features
    Unblock All Streaming Services
    Ultra HD Quality
    Apps For All Devices
    24/7 Live Support
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Get 3 extra months for FREE & SAVE 83% at $2.25/month
  • star star star star star_half
  • Features
    Optimized For Streaming & Gaming
    Fast & Reliable Connection
    DNS Leak Protection
    User-friendly Apps
    45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Get 3 extra months for FREE & SAVE 49% at $6.67/month
  • star star star star star_half
  • Features
    Stream Netflix & Hulu in Ultra HD
    Unlimited P2P
    Works in China
    Servers in 90+ Countries
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Get 2 extra months for FREE with the 2-year plan at $2.69/month
  • star star star star star_half
  • Features
    Unblock All Streaming Services
    Military-grade Encryption
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    20222+ Available Servers
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


NordVPN Valorant
  • High speed/low latency servers so you can play Valorant without any lag.
  • Recommended for other games like PUBG and Among Us.
  • Fastest bandwidth speed among top tier VPNs
  • 1970 servers in the US and 5800 worldwide
  • SmartPlay feature guarantees fastest connection available
  • You can use up-to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Apps for all devices (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Routers)
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee

One of the most reputable VPN providers in the business. NordVPN is the best Valorant VPN. You can use any of the 5800+ servers in NordVPN’s network to play Valorant in any region you choose. Combined with ultra fast speed, you can rest assured NordVPN will reduce your in-game lag.

You have nothing to worry about in terms of quota as all plans offer unlimited bandwidth and full peer to peer support so you can download torrents anonymously without any limits. Furthermore you can use the SmartPlay feature to automatically connect to the fastest (closest) server to your current location.

If you intend to keep your VPN for a long period of time, I recommend opting for the 2-year deal. It’ll save you 68% in the long run as apposed to the monthly deal. keep in mind that you have a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee in case you need a refund for whatever reason.


CyberGhost Valorant
  • A fast and reliable Valorant VPN
  • Servers optimized for gaming (high speed/low ping)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Works flawlessly with Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, CBS, NBC, and more
  • Compatible with most operating systems including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Linux, Routers, Xbox
  • Connect up-to 7 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 45-Day Money-Back guarantee

My absolute favorite gaming VPN on the market. When it comes to picking a VPN for Valorant, CyberGhost is a no brainer. It offers high speed and low ping servers at an affordable price. That’s not all CyberGhost can do though, you can also use it to unblock regionally restricted games on Steam and other platforms.

On top of that you can unblock any streaming service in the world and watch in full HD glory. Additionally you have top of the line security protocols and encryption algorithms protecting your data as long as you’re connected to a CyberGhost server. Which means you can browse the web anonymously, secure your payment information while shopping online, and download as many torrents as you wish with complete anonymity.

CyberGhost has apps for all operating systems and you can use the VPN on up-to 7 devices at the same time. Keep in mind that you can also install the VPN on your router to get around the 7 device limit. Additionally you have a 45-Day Money-Back guarantee on long term plans and a 14-Day Money-Back guarantee on the monthly plan.


ExpressVPN Valorant
  • Ultra fast servers and unlimited bandwidth so you can play Valorant on any platform without interruptions
  • Use the MediaStreamer feature (Smart DNS) on devices that don’t support VPN connections
  • Connect up-to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 3000+ servers worldwide that can unblock anything
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Compatible with all operating systems

An all purpose VPN that will allow you to play Valorant in any region and reduce your lag as well. ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers worldwide, all optimized to deliver high speed and low latency for an optimal gaming experience.

In addition to gaming, you can use ExpressVPN to bypass geo-blocks on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many more. Furthermore you can download torrents using any torrent client you like with unlimited bandwidth.

Although it is a bit more expensive than other VPNs, ExpressVPN is a well known company with many years of experience and a staunch reputation for prioritizing user privacy. The company maintains a strict zero-logs policy to ensure anonymity.


  • Fast and reliable connection so you can play Valorant anywhere in the world
  • 20,222+ servers worldwide
  • Full support for anonymous torrenting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unblock any website anywhere
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee

The #1 choice for security buffs, but PIA is also a great VPN for Valorant. PIA is a security oriented VPN with a ton of special features. These features provide an additional layer of protection as you browse the web, play online games, or stream.

PIA offers access to the largest server network in the business. Over 20,222 servers are available worldwide with full P2P support, unlimited bandwidth, and high speed connections. Furthermore you can enjoy the security that PIA provides with browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Keep in mind that your purchase is protected with PIA’s 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. In case you need any help with technical or billing issues, you can contact support 24/7 via live chat.

How to Play Valorant in Any Region?

In order to play Valorant in a different region, you’ll need to sign up for a new Riot account while connected to a VPN server in the intended region. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Just follow this quick guide to switch your Valorant region:

  1. Sign up with a recommended VPN For Valorant.
  2. Download the VPN app for the VPN provider’s website.
  3. Log in to your VPN app.
  4. Connect to a server in any region/country.
  5. With the VPN still connected, go over to riotgames.com and sign up for a brand new account.
  6. Sign into Valorant with your new account.
  7. Enjoy the game from a new region.

Can I Use a Free VPN For Valorant?

Unfortunately, free VPNs do not offer the same quality of service as premium VPNs do. That’s expected, after all it’s free for a reason. Aside from simply not delivering in terms of speed and stability. Using a free VPN often puts you at risk of getting banned or blocked. That is because a large number of users abuse free VPNs which results in those VPN IPs getting blocked almost everywhere.

Furthermore you stand the risk of exposing your private and payment information as free VPNs have minimal security, if any at all. Free VPN users are an easy target for hackers and Bitcoin miners looking to exploit weak encryption and VPN protocols.

On the other hand, a premium VPN solves all the issues I just mentioned. With military-grade encryption (AES-256) and the most secure VPN protocols (WireGuard), you have nothing to worry about in terms of intruders, hackers or prying eyes.

Best VPN for Valorant – Bottom Line

The bottom line is, you need a good gaming VPN to play Valorant in the region of your choice. A VPN can also help reduce your lag and latency by providing a stable low ping connection between you and Valorant servers.

The VPNs I’ve selected for this article have been rigorously tested with Valorant as well as numerous other games. They deliver on speed, stability, and if you’re willing to commit long-term, you can save up-to 83% on your subscription plan via the links above.

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