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CyberGhost VPN For Gaming

Is CyberGhost Good for Gaming? (Testing CyberGhost for gaming)

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If you are someone who enjoys surfing the internet, then you have heard of the term VPN. A virtual private network changes your IP address and allows you to connect to servers from different locations. This presents you with the ability to access geo-restricted websites and even protect your privacy and internet security.

A VPN also encrypts your internet traffic by rerouting it through its own remote servers. Most VPNs use military-grade encryption and hence it is tough for criminals to bypass these encryptions.  

CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPNs in the market. It provides its users with multiple features including 5000+ servers in 84 countries, an automatic kill switch, DNS protection, multi-hop connections, and seven simultaneous devices. CyberGhost has many benefits, and within these benefits is the advantage you get while streaming and gaming.  

How does CyberGhost help with online gaming? Is it actually suitable for improving ping and your speed? Read on to find out.  

How does CyberGhost work?

CyberGhost guarantees you an excellent gaming experience. That is because it encrypts your traffic and protects you from cyber-attacks and cybercriminals. This is also vital when gaming, because of the various sorts of attacks you are vulnerable to. When you are online, you expose yourself to a variety of threats, and these threats are avoided by using a VPN.  

What CyberGhost does, is pass your data through its own servers. These servers are in several countries all around the world. This ensures that no one can track your activity or use it against you. CyberGhost has NoSpy servers that operate fully under CyberGhost’s control. This means that there is no possible way for third parties to snoop on your activity or information. 

Furthermore, CyberGhost helps you bypass limitations when it comes to streaming and gaming. You might wonder why you might need a VPN while gaming, well, let’s find out.  

How does CyberGhost Help your Gaming Experience?

When you load any game on your PS5 or any other gaming device, you might want to secure it with a VPN. There are many reasons to do so, including: 

DDoS Attacks

Denial of service attacks happen when a cyber-criminal floods your network with traffic. This slows down your speed and denies you access to gaming servers. What CyberGhost does to fight this, is reroute your traffic through its own remote servers. This means that the cybercriminal can not locate you and therefore, will not harm your network. Subsequently, you can enjoy gaming with CyberGhost. 


When you are gaming online, you are subject to many threats. One of these cyber threats is malware. Malware is malicious software that corrupts your files or even steals them. Criminals can then sell your data and your sensitive information to third parties.

This cannot happen because it invades your privacy and ruins your experience. Hence, use CyberGhost to fight off malware and remain free from these annoyances. CyberGhost has an anti-malware feature that also acts as an ad-blocker.  

High Ping

Gaming online requires a certain speed. This speed requires bandwidth, and if there are too many players on one gaming server, the ping rises. A high ping means that there is too much traffic on the servers and your gaming speed will slow down greatly. This completely destroys your gaming experience because you cannot make any moves or win battles with a slow game.

CyberGhost works for gaming because it offers its users unlimited bandwidth. Also, its servers are optimized for streaming and gaming. This means that you can enjoy gaming for as long as you want with no trouble. CyberGhost is suitable for gaming, you just need to make sure to connect to a server closer to you in distance. Doing so allows your connection to speed up and therefore, you will have a low ping.  

IP Throttling

When your internet service provider checks your IP address, they can tell how much bandwidth you are spending. This means that if you are overdoing it because of gaming, they can cut you off. IP throttling is an annoyance that can completely ruin your day. You might find yourself cut off in the middle of an intense battle, match, or adventure.

With CyberGhost, this does not happen. CyberGhost changes your IP address and therefore, your ISP cannot track you. Also, CyberGhost presents its users with unlimited bandwidth. This means that when you are gaming, you can use up as much bandwidth as you might need.  


Many countries ban online video games. The reason for this is violent content, explicitly, or even copyright issues. For example, Saudi Arabia bans all Pokemon games in its country. Anyone from Saudi Arabia cannot enjoy the fun of chasing and finding Pokemons because of these restrictions.

This is when a VPN comes in handy. CyberGhost allows you to connect to different servers outside of your home country. Hence, when you refresh, you can access any video game from a brand-new IP address. Also, many games restrict content based on region.

So, if you want to access new updates in certain countries, you might find delays. Subsequently, you can use CyberGhost to bypass all of these bans and restrictions.  

How to Use CyberGhost for Gaming?

To install CyberGhost on your gaming consoles like PS5 or Xbox X|S, you’ll need to set it up on your router.

Another option is to change your DNS settings. Changing these settings is suitable when you want to access games through your video game consoles.

To change your DNS settings and enjoy CyberGhost on your console, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the PS button on your controller. 
  2. Click on Settings [icon name=”arrow-right” prefix=”fas”] setup network connection. 
  3. Select Wi-Fi
  4. Select custom then set your IP address to auto.  
  5. Change your DNS settings to manual and type in the CyberGhost DNS settings: and
  6. Set MTU to auto and then click on OK.

And that’s it! You can now use CyberGhost on your console and enjoy security and unlimited access to content.  

Other CyberGhost Features

CyberGhost offers many other features that allow you to have a good time. First off, CyberGhost works on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. This means that if you want to unblock libraries of content, you can do so with CyberGhost.  

CyberGhost also allows torrenting and has P2P-friendly servers to allow sharing of files with peers. Moreover, this VPN is accessible on Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and PS5. The interface is easy to navigate and clear.  

Conclusion – CyberGhost for Gaming

To sum it up, if you want to use a VPN service that allows you to game freely and as much as you want, CyberGhost is the VPN for you. CyberGhost is easy to use and has an accessible interface. All you have to do is download it and subscribe and then connect to it using your PS5 or other consoles.

Furthermore, CyberGhost is suitable for gaming because it lowers your ping with its speedy servers and it offers its users unlimited bandwidth. With its encryption and NoSpy features, this VPN presents a very secure and anonymous online identity.

Subsequently, CyberGhost has many advantages especially when it comes to gaming with video games like Final Fantasy 14 or Call of duty Warzone.

Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison

Ethan James Harrison, an Ohio State University Computer Science graduate and established technology author, possesses extensive IT experience with a special interest in cybersecurity. Having worked for multinational IT firms, Harrison has honed his skills in network security and system administration, making him a respected consultant and authoritative voice in the tech industry. Besides his IT expertise, he's also known for his passion for gaming, developed during his time as a lead writer for an online publication where he produced insightful gaming content.

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