Final Fantasy 14 is an MMORPG from Square Enix. The game is 3D and fantasy themed and well-loved by gamers. It is an award-winning game that takes place in the land of Eorzea. You can choose between five races, eight combat classes and ten professions.  

The game includes several popular features including: 

  • Cross-Platform play between your PC and Playstation 4.
  • A large level of content, so that players can spend countless hours playing.
  • Different playing levels from casual to savage mode.
  • Story-driven game with updated storylines.
  • Player housing.
  • Unlimited free trial.
  • High production value that includes complex graphics, music, character customization and cinematics.

Naturally, with a 3D MMORPG, you can expect a certain level of lag. Especially since you would reach the bandwidth limit that your internet service provides rather quickly.

Furthermore, with games like Final Fantasy 14, there are several worldwide servers. The game assigns the appropriate server to you according to your location. This greatly limits your gaming experience.

In addition to missing out on updates and gaming features, a high ping would be unavoidable if you are stuck in one server. To solve all of these problems, using a VPN with Final Fantasy 14 is the way to go.

A Final Fantasy VPN would allow you to change locations and hence servers. The new server you select would provide you with a low ping. That is because the gaming servers think your VPN-provided IP address is your physical location.  Subsequently, with a new IP address and new server, you can reduce your ping.

Reasons to use a VPN with Final Fantasy 14

The reasons are many, and their solution is quite simple. We will discuss the reasons that limit your gaming experience in detail down below: 

Lagging and High Ping

A ping is the traffic that travels from your computer to the gaming server. It is a high ping if it takes a long time to reach the server. A high ping is common in MMORPG like Final Fantasy 14. The 3D format and multiple graphics cause lagging and a slow speed.

This is frustrating from gamers who just want to have a good time. Therefore, the easy fix is to get a VPN. Using a VPN with Final Fantasy 14 lowers your ping. This happens because you can connect to servers that are closer in physical location to the gaming servers. This tricks the gaming servers into thinking you are closer in region.

A good VPN service provides thousands of servers to choose between. You can easily connect to any one of these servers to lower your ping. The Final Fantasy 14 servers are in North America, Europe and Japan. 

IP Throttling

One common occurrence that gamers face is bandwidth throttling. Your internet service provider can limit your internet connection. This is because you hit the bandwidth limit while gaming. Final Fantasy 14 requires a lot of bandwidth and hence this causes an obstacle. 

To avoid IP throttling, you can use a Final Fantasy 14 VPN. Playing Final Fantasy 14 with a VPN changes your IP address. Your ISP cannot limit your internet when they can’t track your online activity.  

DDoS attacks

A denial of service attack is an attack that shuts off the network and makes it inaccessible. This happens by sending traffic to the network to completely flood it.

A VPN service with Final Fantasy 14 reroutes your traffic data through remote servers. This means that the hackers cannot find the physical location of your servers and so they cannot attack them. 


Malicious software like spyware and ransomware are always on the hunt for vulnerable gamers. These malware attach themselves to your device and your network to cause extreme damage.

All of your files and information are at risk from malware. VPNs usually have an anti-malware feature. This feature shields you against vicious attacks.  

Geo-restrictions and Firewalls

VPNs with Final Fantasy 14 bring a useful advantage to the table. They help their users bypass geo-restrictions. This means that you can connect to any one of the Final Fantasy worldwide servers. Subsequently, this helps you with high ping and lagging and also to access region-restricted features.

Firewalls are also a nuance against gamers. Network providers for school and work networks ban online gaming. With a Final Fantasy 14 VPN, you can simply change your IP address and bypass the firewall. 

How to Use a VPN with Final Fantasy 14 

To connect and use a VPN with Final Fantasy 14 all you have to do is select an appropriate VPN with the correct features. These features include a kill switch, a large amount of servers, anti-malware and secure encryption.

Next, you can subscribe to the appropriate VPN plan and download the VPN client. Open the VPN client and choose the server that suits you.

Make sure to also choose the appropriate protocol like Wireguard or OpenVPN. The final step is to connect to the VPN and then log into Final Fantasy 14. 

Make sure to select a VPN with a large amount of servers to avoid detection by the game. Be careful to stay in the same original region that you choose on your VPN client. This helps you to avoid getting caught by the gaming servers.  

Best Final Fantasy 14 VPNs 

Down below are the best VPNs a gamer can use for Final Fantasy 14: 


NordVPN Final Fantasy 14

NordVPN offers the fastest connection for gamers. It has 5400 servers in 59 countries so you have a variety of options to choose from. Most of these servers are in Europe to ensure a fast internet connection.

This VPN offers P2P friendly servers for torrenting and allows streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. You can easily bypass geo-restrictions with NordVPN. This VPN service also offers a kill switch to prevent any data leaks.

Moreover, NordVPN has a double VPN feature that offers double the protection. It also has a zero-logs policy and an anti-malware feature, Cybersec. Cybersec blocks malware and ads. NordVPN uses secure encryption and does not track your online activity. This VPN service offers around-the-clock customer support and a 30-day money back guarantee. 


Surfshark Final Fantasy 14

Surfshark is an appropriate choice to use with Final Fantasy 14. This new VPN gained popularity recently because of its service and good prices. Surfshark has 1000 servers in 64 countries and offers a strong encryption. A kill switch is also available and it does not track your online activity.

Surfshark is widely accessible around the globe and offers a multi-hop connection. This connection provides you with an extra layer of protection because your data goes through two VPN servers.


CyberGhostVPN Final Fantasy 14

CyberGhostVPN presents its users with a variety of features. From an automatic kill switch to 6000 servers, this VPN has many advantages. It offers strong encryption and good speed. Its automatic kill switch completely prevents any leaks.

CyberGhost VPN also has a feature against malware, viruses and ads. It gives you the option to choose between 6000 servers in 89 countries. This helps you avoid lagging and high ping. CyberGhost has around-the-clock customer support and offers a 45-day money back guarantee.



Another option for Final Fantasy 14 is Express VPN. Express VPN is popular in the market and offers many features. Express VPN uses AES-256 encryption which is military-grade encryption. This means that your data is completely secure with this VPN.

It also prevents IP leaks and offers DNS protection. This VPN does not keep any logs. A kill switch is also available to protect your traffic. Express VPN has 3000 servers in 160 regions and 94 countries. You can rest assured that your game will not lag. Furthermore, Express VPN offers split tunneling to select with apps you need to use under a VPN service.

It also has P2P friendly servers and Firefox and Chrome extensions. This VPN offers constant discounts and 30-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion – VPN for Final Fantasy 14  

To have a good, fun time gaming, you should equip yourself with good connection and a low ping. The low ping allows you to enjoy your game with no lags and frozen screens.

A VPN with Final Fantasy 14 provides all that and more. A VPN changes your IP address from your original IP to a remote server. The remote server helps speed up your traffic and hence lowers your ping.

You can also make use of a VPN by bypassing multiple firewalls and geo-restrictions. These firewalls, once bypassed, mean that you can now play Final Fantasy 14 at school or at work.

VPNs also offer security and online protection. From IP throttling by your ISP to getting your network invaded by vicious malware, a VPN can help you avoid all of that.

Use a VPN to choose a server closer to the Final Fantasy servers and avoid recording a high ping. In conclusion, get back to enjoying your Final Fantasy game with serenity after securing yourself with a VPN service.

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