TenPlay is one of the most famous Australian TV channels and home to some iconic movies, shows, and programs. One in particular comes to mind, MasterChef Australia is among the most watched shows in the country every year. Perhaps part of it’s popularity is due to the fact that it’s completely free. There are no subscriptions or premium accounts of any kind, you just create a free account and watch all your favorite Australian shows.

That said, there is one downside to the service which is it’s availability. Unfortunately, TenPlay is not available outside Australia. That’s certainly an inconvenience for Aussie expats and international fans of Australian TV.

They Apply their broadcasting restrictions by blocking viewers that connect to the service from a non-Australian IP address. Meaning, if you connect to the TenPlay website or app from anywhere outside Australia, you’ll receive a geo-block error.

There’s an easy solution to the geo-blocking problem though, you’ll need a decent VPN service. A VPN can provide you with an Australian IP address which allows you to unblock and watch TenPlay outside Australia.

TenPlay Geo-Restrictions

TenPlay is geographically restricted to Australia only. Which means they don’t broadcast anywhere outside Australia due to copyright issues and broadcasting rights. That’s such a bummer for the millions of Australian expats living abroad as well as all the international fans of Aussie TV.

If you attempt to access TenPlay from outside Australia, you’ll be greeted with a lovely error message that looks something like the one below.

TenPlay Geo-Block Error
10 Play Geo-Block Error

The service detects your physical locations via your IP address. If you don’t have an Australian IP address, you’ll get the above error. On the other hand, if you do have an Australian IP, you can watch 10 Play from anywhere for free.

That’s where a VPN jumps in for the save. A VPN provides you with an Australian IP address so you can trick the service into thinking you’re actually in Australia and therefore you can stream 10 Play content.

How Can a VPN Help Me Watch TenPlay Outside Australia?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essentially a network security tool designed to provide safe access to secure networks. It does so by creating an encrypted tunnel to pass the traffic through instead of transmitting across the network in the open.

In terms of streaming and geo-unblocking capabilities, a VPN allows you to appear as if you were somewhere else entirely. As you probably already know, websites and services like TenPlay can determine your physical location through your IP address. Therefore if a VPN gives you a different IP address, one that is located in Australia, then TenPlay would allow you to access it’s content.

Although VPNs are a neat trick to unblock and watch TenPlay from anywhere, that’s far from it’s only use. You can utilize the security features and encryption techniques in your VPN application to download torrents anonymously. Torrenting is still illegal in many countries, specially if you’re downloading pirated movies or music. Which is why it’s extremely important to conceal your identity when doing such activities.

Best TenPlay VPN

When choosing the best TenPlay VPN, I take into consideration speed, reliability, and price. In terms of speed, you need a VPN that delivers high bandwidth speed in order to watch your shows in HD quality. As for reliability, you certainly don’t want to miss out on a live show because your VPN got suddenly blocked by TenPlay. Finally when it comes to price, no one likes to overpay for a product of course, but you should also look to get the most value out of your VPN.

The VPNs I’ve chosen have been tested and confirmed to be working. With any of the following 4 choices, you can watch 10 Play outside Australia in full HD glory.

#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
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    Optimized For Streaming & Gaming
    Fast & Reliable Connection
    DNS Leak Protection
    User-friendly Apps
    45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
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  • Features
    Unblock All Streaming Services
    Ultra HD Quality
    Apps For All Devices
    24/7 Live Support
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Get 3 extra months for FREE & SAVE 49% at $6.67/month
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  • Features
    Stream Netflix & Hulu in Ultra HD
    Unlimited P2P
    Works in China
    Servers in 90+ Countries
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
#1 VPN Worldwide
$ 3.71per month
  • Get 2 extra months for FREE with the 2-year plan at $2.69/month
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  • Features
    Unblock All Streaming Services
    Military-grade Encryption
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    20222+ Available Servers
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost 10Play

An excellent choice for getting around geo-blocks. CyberGhost can easily unblock TenPlay outside Australia so you can stream in HD quality. That’s not all though, you can also unblock services like ESPN+, HBO Max and so much more.

CyberGhost offers high speed servers all over the world with unlimited bandwidth for downloading torrents, streaming, and gaming as well. Along with P2P support, CyberGhost has servers optimized to deliver stable and low ping connections for an optimal gaming experience.

It’s among the most secure VPNs on the market today with additional security features like the kill switch, double encryption, and WiFi protection. You can use the service on up-to 7 devices simultaneously.

Furthermore you can enjoy the complementary Smart DNS feature to unblock restricted streaming services as well. CyberGhost offers a 45-Day Money-Back guarantee with long term subscriptions and a 14-Day refund guarantee for the monthly plan.


NordVPN devices

Works great for streaming TenPlay outside Australia. With NordVPN you can unblock any streaming service from anywhere in the world. That said, this is no one trick pony. NordVPN is an all purpose VPN which you can use for streaming geo-blocked content, play online games in different regions, and secure your personal data.

The service utilizes the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to ensure that your sensitive and perhaps payment information remains protected at all times. Additionally you have extra features like the ad blocker and malware blocker.

The NordVPN support team is available to answer all your inquiries 24/7 via live chat. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an issue, they’re very friendly and helpful. Furthermore you have a 30 day refund policy so you have ample time to test the product yourself completely risk free.


ExpressVPN on All Devices

Although a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth it. With ExpressVPN you can watch 10 Play outside Australia with ease. Not only that, you can watch any streaming services from anywhere.

ExpressVPN is great for downloading torrents anonymously. Your identity is protected with AES-256 bit encryption and the latest network security protocols. On top of that you have unlimited bandwidth so you can download all the torrents you want.

You can download and install the ExpressVPN app on most operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Furthermore you can install the VPN on your router to secure all your devices at once. If you only need the VPN while browsing, you can install the browser extension for Chrome, Edge and FireFox.

Granted it’s a bit expensive but it does offer a complete package for all your streaming, gaming, and security needs. Keep in mind you also get a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

Private Internet Access

PIA on all Devices

Great for bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship in general. PIA unblocks TenPlay from anywhere in the world. That and countless other streaming services with it’s humongous server network which exceeds 20,000 servers worlwide.

Private Internet Access has full support for peer to peer applications like Utorrent, Bittorent, Deloge, Vuze and many more. With unlimited bandwidth and high speed connections, you can download anything you want anonymously.

It’s also one of the most secure VPN products money can buy with an extensive toolkit for DNS, IP, Email, and WebRTC leak testing. On top of that you have a zero-logs policy to ensure user anonymity at all times. Also included with all subscription plans is a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. Try Private Internet Access yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Why Can’t I Use a Free VPN to Unblock TenPlay?

Unfortunately, free VPNs are no good in this case. When it comes to unblocking services and websites, you need a premium VPN. Free VPNs are often slow and their IPs get regularly blocked and permanently banned. Another main concern is security, instead of being a tool that boasts security measures, free VPNs actually present a security risk themselves.

On the other hand, premium VPN providers like the ones I’ve listed earlier, they use residential IP proxies to unblock TenPlay and other streaming services. What does that mean? basically it means their IPs rarely get blocked if ever. Additionally you get a level of security that you is clearly lacking in free products.

All in all, free VPNs are not worth the trouble nor the risk while elite VPNs usually offer 30+ days for refunds as a quality guarantee for users.

Watch TenPlay Outside Australia With Smart DNS

Smart DNS is very similar to a VPN with one glaring difference though, the first only routes your DNS requests and not all traffic. You can use Smart DNS to watch 10 Play outside Australia. However, your IP address and other personal information would still be exposed.

The glaring disadvantage of this alternative method is the loss of security features that protect and conceal your identity online. That said, Smart DNS proves to be very useful in some cases. For example, if you prefer streaming on an Apple TV, PS5, Xbox Series X/S or any other device that doesn’t support native VPN connections, then Smart DNS may be your only option.

Another good reason to use Smart DNS is speed. Routing only DNS requests leads to less network congestion which in turn means you can get a higher bandwidth speed out of your connection.

Here’s 2 of the best Smart DNS features on the market:

What’s on TenPlay?

Tenplay shows

TenPlay is home to some of the most popular and beloved Australian movies, shows, and programs. You can either watch live or on-demand as long as you have a VPN that can unblock TenPlay from anywhere.

Here’s some of the best shows currently available:

  • The Late Late Show with James Cordon
  • Have You Been Paying Attention?
  • All Aussie Adventures
  • Thank God You’re Here
  • The Bachelor
  • MasterChef Australia
  • NCIS
  • L.A.’s Finest
  • Australian Survivor
  • Gogglebox
  • Bondi Rescue
  • Neighbours
  • MotoGP
  • Rugby World Cup
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • Beecham House

TenPlay Supported Devices

TenPlay offers a user friendly app that you can easily download on any of the following devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Telstra TV
  • Fetch TV
  • Android TV
  • FreeviewPlus
  • Samsung TV

Bottom Line

TenPlay is one of the most popular Australian streaming services today. It offers a slew of original programs, shows, and movies as well as some international content as well. The only downside is that it’s only available within the Australian region. Not ideal for the millions of Australian expats living abroad or international fans of Australian TV.

The best solution to unblock and watch TenPlay outside Australia is to use a VPN. I’ve tested and selected the best 4 VPNs that work well and provide the most value for money.

A quick guide on how to watch TenPlay outside Australia:

  1. Sign up with one of the VPNs recommended for 10 Play.
  2. Download the VPN app.
  3. Log in.
  4. Connect to a server in Australia from the server menu in your VPN app.
  5. All done, head over to the 10 Play website or app and enjoy the show.
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