Being one of the top Netflix’s competitors does mean that this platform is worth a try. And yes, Stan TV is a streaming service a platform that has lead with its series and movies collection, the only issue is that it is only available in Australia!

However, these geo-blocked services will no longer restrict you from your favorite episodes and that’s with the help of our ultimate unblocker: VPN.

A VPN For Stan TV?

VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network that, in simple terms, masks your online identity by changing your IP address in a different one. This only means that: 

  • A new IP address, means a different address. 
  • Virtual address gives you a new geographical location.  
  • A new geographical location will show that you’re in Australia once the server is chosen, and will automatically give you access to restricted items. 

Accessing Stan TV

There are plenty of VPNs for Stan TV you can choose based on your goals and budgets.


NordVPN Stan TV

Features: This Stan VPN has more than 5000 servers in more than 60 countries, which rests you assured that you’ll watch your shows without any lagging and even in a full HD mode. That without forgetting the unlimited bandwidth you’ll have, while enjoying the original speed of the service without any throttling to that might slow it down.


Surfshark Stan TV

Features: This is the greatest easy-to-use beginner mode VPN. Purchasing the extremely affordable bundles will give you the opportunity to enjoy a speedy service respective to their pricing which is also applicable for streaming.

Now that you’ve successfully chosen and installed the app, we’re heading for the real work. As huge as changing your whole IP geographical location seems, it’s actually a simple process with the following simplified steps.


CyberGhost Stan TV

Features: This Stan VPN has recorded some outstanding speed performances and convenience with its simple features. Not only can you watch your shows with a perfect resolution, but you can also stream with 7 simultaneous devices. So cheers to big families, this is your ultimate choice.



Features: ExpressVPN has recorded a noticeable speed amongst all VPNs, and surely everything comes in its price. The performance however is exquisite; including a HD/4k streaming with 3000 servers in more than 90 countries all around the world. Adding up, you’ll definitely enjoy the 5 simultaneous streaming privilege, so no waiting or delays.

Activate your VPN account

  • Visit the website of your VPN
  • Choose the bundle that suits you best
  • Signup and create an account
  • Download the app
  • Sign in after activating your account from your signed up email

After that, you’ll need to choose a server in Australia.

Activate your Stan TV

Now that you’ve activated your IP address and you’re digitally located in Australia, you can activate your Stan account.

  • Head to
  • Sign up using your email
  • Choose the subscription that suits you. You can start with your free trial, but this is only granted once
  • Insert your information
  • Sign in and you finally can watch Stan outside Australia

Why is having a VPN important?

Having a VPN does have a significant impact in all terms of your internet activities. Even if you don’t plan on streaming, you need to use a VPN for the following reasons:

  1. Security

This service secures all of your information and protects your confidential ones. For example, if you’re a person working in a field with sensitive information, you certainly wouldn’t want a server accessing your information publicly and selling them to third parties or using them for marketing purposes. Keeping you IP address public is like throwing your browsing and whole internet traffic out there.  

  1. Encryption

VPNs usually have an AES 256-bit encryption, which gives you an extra layer of privacy and security while protecting your information.

  1. Privacy

With VPNs, you can simply browse with a masked IP address since you won’t be targeted with your original one. You’ll scroll anonymously which save you from all the ISPs, hackers, Governments, and any sort of cyber scrutinized threats.

So, a VPN acts as your internet personal guard protecting you against any cyber threat which rests your mind assured that your internet usage is safe. So whether your purpose is to access geo-restricted websites or not, a VPN is a must have!

Smart DNS For Stan TV Instead

What is a Smart DNS?

There is an alternative, however, to using a VPN: a smart DNS. A smart DNS is basically a proxy that acts as an obstacle between you and the server requested. Instead of showing your actual IP address, it simply shows a different one to protect your identity and also help you bypass restrictions. The best smart DNS to watch Optus include:

Some of the best Smart DNS proxies include:

Smart DNS Proxy vs. VPN

Well, if you’re looking to using your IP address masking for the sake of streaming geo-blocked websites only, then we definitely advise you with a Smart DNS proxy due to the speed convenience which is cheaper than the average VPN.

However, if you treasure your privacy and would rather get all of your traffic masked for an extra layer of security while unblocking geo-restrictions at the same time, then VPNs are your go-to.

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