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Watch iWonder outside Australia

How to Watch iWonder outside Australia

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If you enjoy watching documentaries to understand the world around us a bit more, then iWonder is a great option for you. iWonder is an on-demand streaming service that offers thousands of documentaries. From true crime to historical events, this streaming service has them all. You can also catch up on the newly released ad award winning documentaries on iWonder.

Some of the best documentaries to catch on this streaming service are:

  • The Kleptocrats: Focuses on Malaysia’s billion dollar scandal.
  • Eating Animals: Discusses eating animals in an industrialized world.
  • For Sama: Brings to life the story of Waad Al-Kateab’s journey during the Syrian Uprising.
  • Honeyland: Follows the lifestyle of a beekeeper.
  • 20 Feet from Stardom: Speaks about the careers of back-up singers, especially African-American women.
  • Sherpa: Focuses on the trekking journey of the mountaineer, Phurba Tashi.
  • Charles Manson: A true crime documentary about the American cult leader.

The list of available documentaries is large, but unfortunately, iWonder limits itself to certain countries. It is available in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia.

In order to watch your favorite documentaries and discover new ones, you have to bypass the geo-restrictions. To do this, downloading a VPN service is your best bet. A VPN can get through any geo-restrictions by offering you thousands of servers in your desired location. Therefore, all you have to do is use a VPN with iWonder to watch from anywhere in the world.

Using an iWonder VPN also enhances your connection allowing you to watch iWonder from anywhere in the world. A VPN encrypts your data as well, making it tough for any lurking eyes to steal your info or log it down.

How to watch iWonder outside of Australia

To watch iWonder from your own couch in the UK, USA or anywhere else, all you have to do is download a VPN service.  

To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Choose your preferred VPN service, and download the VPN client from the website. 
  2. Make an account and subscribe to any plan you prefer. There are monthly, yearly and 2-year plans available. Also, most VPN services offer money-back guarantee. So, you can try it out for a month or so, and decide if you like it. 
  3. Open the VPN client and enter your log-in information. 
  4. Choose a server in Australia, and hit connect. 
  5. Open the iWonder website and click on ‘Watch Free for 30 Days’. 
  6. Create your account and enter your payment details. 
  7. You can now choose any documentary and start streaming! 

How Much Does iWonder Cost and is it Compatible on My Device?

iWonder costs AUD 6.99 per month which is about $5.11 in U.S dollars. You can also get a 17% discount if you choose to subscribe with the yearly plan. As mentioned before, this streaming service has a 30-day free trial. You also get a warning message that your trial is about to end a week before. This gives you plenty of time to decide on whether you want to subscribe or not.

iWonder is compatible on mobile devices like iOS and  Android. It also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This service is also available on Apple TV, Chromecast/Air Play, and Android TV.

The streaming service also has an available application for mobile devices.

Best VPNs to Watch iWonder from Anywhere

VPNs not only help you bypass the geo-restriction limitations with iWonder, but also secure your connection. A VPN can protect you from malware, attacks and data breaches.  

Some of the best VPNs to use with iWonder are: 


NordVPN iWonder

NordVPN is another VPN service that presents you with an easy way to watch iWonder from anywhere. This VPN has a feature called Smartplay which efficiently bypasses all of the geo-restrictions in place. This feature is useful for streaming and gaming because it also speeds up the connection.

In addition to that, it also has a new protocol, NordLynx that uses lesser code and hence has better speed. This helps your connection with staying stable and fast. it has 5,400 servers in 59 countries. This means that all you have to do is select an Australian server and connect to it. This changes your IP address from your actual location to an Australian one.

Subsequently, when you log into iWonder, you can watch with ease. Furthermore, Nord uses 256-AES-CBC encryption to secure your internet data. This VPN has a zero-logs policy and does not track you online. Moreover, it also protects you from malware by using its feature, Cybersec.

This anti-malware feature also blocks ads. This VPN also offers a double VPN feature, which reroutes your data through two VPN servers. This shields you with a double layer of protection. This VPN allows six simultaneous connections and is compatible with TOR browser. Tor browser is just another way to ensure complete anonymity when you are online. it has a 3-days free trial and offers 30-day money back guarantee.


Surfshark iWonder

Surfshark VPN is another VPN in the market that offers useful advantages. It has 1000 servers in 64 countries so you can connect to an Australian server and watch iWonder. Furthermore, this VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

It also has a zero-log policy and a multi-hop tool. This tool allows your data to go through two VPN tunnels consecutively. This helps keep your data anonymous and safe. Surfshark uses AES 256-Bit network to encrypt your information and keep it secure.

It also has a CleanWeb feature that keeps your network and device clear of malware and ads. Surfshark’s interface is easy and simple to navigate and Surfshark offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try it out for a month and see if you want to subscribe or not.


CyberGhost iWonder

CyberGhostVPN is a VPN service that has a large number of servers which allows you to freely connect to iWonder. CyberGhost has over 6000 servers in 84 countries. You can easily choose any server in Australia and connect to it.

Therefore, you can then load the iWonder website or application and stream. CyberGhost has an automatic kill switch which kills the connection if the VPN stops working. It also allows seven simultaneous connections. This VPN has an anti-malware feature as well, and a zero-logs policy.

Furthermore, CyberGhost has a straightforward interface and is compatible on all devices. This service uses AES 256 encryption which is military-grade to secure your data. CyberGhostVPN offers friendly customer support and has a 45-day money back guarantee.



ExpressVPN is a popular VPN for users who need upmost speed and security. This VPN has over 3000 servers in 160 regions and 94 countries, making it easy to select a server. You can choose any server you need to bypass the geo-restrictions and to watch iWonder from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN ensures excellent speed and offers unlimited bandwidth. This means that you can stream from anywhere in the world and still have a stable connection. ExpressVPN uses AES-256 encryption which encrypts your data completely and keeps your identity safe. This encryption is military-grade and so not even governments can bypass it.

Moreover, ExpressVPN presents its users with five simultaneous connections and compatibility with all devices. You can download this VPN on any device you might need including your Windows, Mac, smart TVs and routers. A kill switch is also available to secure your IP address in case the VPN stops working. In these cases, the kill switch cuts off your connection to ensure no loss of data.

ExpressVPN also has Chrome and Firefox extensions and is compatible with TOR browser. This browser acts as a double layer of anonymity against any peeping toms. The option of split-tunneling is also available. Split tunneling allows you to choose which app or website you want the VPN to secure.

Furthermore, this VPN offers all of the VPN protocols including OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP. ExpressVPN also uses Lightway protocol which is specific for this VPN service. Lightway protocol presents the users with good speed and no lagging issues. Subsequently, you can enjoy streaming iWonder from your own home with no troubles about geo-restrictions or bans. ExpressVPN has a zero-logs policy and does not track your online activity.

Conclusion – VPN with iWonder

For the lovers of documentaries, iWonder is the perfect streaming service. It offers thousands of award-winning documentaries and also a variety of topics. iWonder limits itself to certain countries like Australia. Therefore, if you want to enjoy iWonder from your own home anywhere in the world, you should use a VPN.

A VPN with iWonder helps you unlock the geo-restrictions and use the streaming website normally. All you have to do is download the VPN client, subscribe and connect. Subsequently, you can enjoy hours upon hours of good content.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Sarah, a University of Southern California graduate in Information Technology, is a seasoned IT professional and cybersecurity specialist with over a decade's experience. She honed her skills at a leading cybersecurity firm, specializing in data privacy and VPNs. Her meticulous approach and extensive hands-on experience make her a respected author and trusted voice in the industry, particularly on VPN and streamiing services.

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