Titanfall 2 is a first person shooter (FPS) game that came out in 2016 and is available on Xbox one, PS4 and Windows. This game has a single-player mode or a player-versus-player mode. The PVP mode works by joining existing networks of players or playing with friends.

Titanfall 2 explores the bond between man and machine. You follow the story of Jack cooper who bonds with a titan. They then embark on a journey to stop the disruption of peace. The game received critical acclaim and has a current number of 17,000 players.

With a game that allows you to join other networks, bandwidth use is understandably high. This leads to a variety of problems like lagging and IP throttling. The busy servers and the slow speed of data transfer will lead to a high ping. Furthermore, you might face several cyber threats because of the exposed online presence.

To fix these issues, use a VPN to play Titanfall 2. A VPN changes your IP address and reroutes your data through its own servers. It also protects you from various cyber attacks and threats.

Reasons to Play Titanfall 2 with a VPN

VPNs offer security from the public eye. Whether you’re using a public network or just don’t want any government agencies spying on you.

A VPN encrypts your data and changes your IP address so that you’re no longer visible. VPNs are essential for gamers; they protect you and fix your lagging issues. There are other reasons to use a VPN to play Titanfall 2.

We will discuss them in detail down below:

High Ping and Lagging

The most obvious obstacle that gamers face while playing Titanfall is a high ping. A high ping occurs when the data traveling from your computer to the gaming servers takes a long time. This slows down the game’s performance and causes lagging.

With games like Titanfall 2, it is essential to have good speed and a low ping to have a good time. The game focuses on connecting to other networks. Therefore, if you have a high ping, the whole game will be painfully slow. A VPN for Titanfall 2 is the quick fix that you need to bypass these problems.

A VPN allows your data to travel more freely to the gaming servers. This lowers your ping and subsequently fixes your lagging issues. You can select a VPN that is closer to the gaming servers’ physical location. This tricks the servers into believing you are closer and hence lowers your ping.

Packet Loss

Packet loss happens when units of data fail to reach their destination. This is because of errors in the transmission or network congestion. Packet loss affects the quality of experience (QoE) for gamers.

To fix packet loss and continue to enjoy your gaming experience, use a Titanfall 2 VPN.  A VPN reroutes your data through its own remote servers. This decreases packet loss and enhances the quality of experience.

IP Throttling

IP or bandwidth throttling occurs when your internet service provider limits your internet connection. Your ISP monitors your online activity and once you reach their bandwidth limit, they can cut you off. This completely ruins your gaming experience and interferes with your enjoyment.

To solve this, simply use a VPN to play Titanfall 2. What happens is, a VPN provides you with an alternate IP address. Your ISP cannot track the VPN’s IP addresses, therefore you are safe. You can go back to playing Titanfall 2 without worrying about hitting the bandwidth limit.

DDoS Attacks and Malware

A denial of service attack is an attack meant to disrupt your internet traffic. This denies you a connection to the gaming servers. Criminals are always out to hunt for vulnerable users. Therefore, using a Titanfall 2 VPN is the way to go. A VPN reroutes your data through its own remote servers.

This means that the attacker can no longer locate your server to attack you. Furthermore, gaming online exposes you to a variety of malware problems. Malware attach themselves to your device or network and damage your files. Most VPN services come with an anti-malware feature. This feature rids you of any vicious malware and also blocks ads.


Online games sometimes limit their newest features to US only releases at first. If you don’t want to wait, you can change your IP address to a United States one.

This helps you bypass the geo-restrictions and access the features. Furthermore, you can use a VPN to switch gaming servers to lower your ping and avoid DDoS attacks.

Best VPNs to Use with Titanfall 2

Some of the best VPNs in the market are able to encrypt your data with military-grade encryption. They also ensure decent speed levels for streaming and gaming. Other features include a kill switch, anti-malware programs and a zero-logs policy.  

Some of the VPNs that have those features are: 


NordVPN Titanfall 2

NordVPN presents online gamers with useful features that enhance their gaming enjoyment.  this VPN has 5,400 servers in 59 countries so you can freely choose any server you need. This VPN allows six simultaneous connections and is compatible with TOR browser.

Furthermore, NordVPN uses 256-AES-CBC encryption to secure your internet traffic. This VPN uses its Smartplay feature to bypass IP bans and geo-restrictions. Also, NordVPN uses NordLynx protocol which is very fast and smaller in size.

NordVPN offers a double VPN feature so your data can pass through two VPN servers for extra safety. In addition to all that, NordVPN has a kill switch and a zero-logs policy.

To fight off malware, NordVPN has Cybersec. Cybersec blocks any malware and ads from your network. NordVPN has around-the-clock customer support and a 30-day money back guarantee.


Surfshark Titanfall 2

SurfsharkVPN is a relatively new VPN in the market. It grew popular because of its service and affordable prices. Surfshark offers more than 1000 servers in 64 countries. It uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect your data.

Surfshark has a zero-logs policy and does not track you online. This helps you avoid IP throttling by your ISP. Furthermore, SurfsharkVPN offers its feature, CleanWeb that rids you of malware and ads.

This VPN has a multi-hop connect to reroute your data through two VPN servers. Surfshark is widely compatible and available on all devices.


CyberGhostVPN Titanfall 2

CyberGhostVPN has up to 6000 servers in 84 countries. Changing IP addresses becomes easy and straightforward with a huge amount of servers available. CyberGhost offers seven simultaneous device connections and works on any device.

This VPN has an automatic kill switch that cuts off your connection as soon as the VPN stops working. This protects your data from any breaches or attackers on the loose. CyberGhost does not track your activity online and has a zero-logs policy.

Furthermore, the user interface is simple and easy to navigate. Cyberghost also offers an anti-malware feature and has a 45-day money back guarantee.



ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the market. It offers its users many unique advantages. ExpressVPN has 3000 servers in 160 regions and 94 countries. There is no need to panic over a low ping because ExpressVPN will easily connect you to any of its servers.

These servers are fast and ensure no lagging during gaming time. ExpressVPN also secures your online presence with AES-256 encryption. This VPN has a zero-logs policy which means that even if the authorities need to view them, there is nothing to see.

ExpressVPN is also compatible with TOR browser. This browser offers an extra layer of anonymity for your online gaming. Furthermore, ExpressVPN prevents IP leaks and DNS attacks. DDoS attacks cannot happen because ExpressVPN reroutes your data through its remote servers. You will feel secure with an around-the-clock protection.

This VPN also has a kill switch that cuts off your internet if the VPN stops working. Your data will remain safe with no breaches. ExpressVPN has a split tunneling option. This means that you can choose which app and website you want to use under its protection.

Furthermore, an anti-malware feature that prevents malware and ads is also available. This VPN offers discounts up to 49 %. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

How to Use a VPN with Titanfall 2 

A VPN with Titanfall 2 encrypts your traffic and thus secures your online presence. You can connect to a VPN to change your IP address. This helps you avoid any issues with cyber security, high ping and geo-restrictions. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service that has all the correct features. These include strong encryption, anti-malware feature and a kill switch. 
  2. Go to the VPN’s website on your device and download the VPN client. 
  3. Make an account and choose your subscription plan. 
  4. Log in to your VPN client using your account data. 
  5. Choose the server you need to lower your ping and avoid IP throttling. 
  6. Choose the protocol that ensures speed and agility. 
  7. Connect to the VPN. 
  8. Load Titanfall 2 and enjoy your time! 

Conclusion – Titanfall 2 VPN 

To have a good time while playing Titanfall 2 and while trying to save the world, use a VPN service. A VPN service bypasses the lagging issues and high ping. You can choose any server to connect to and change your IP address. This allows you to escape from IP throttling, DDoS attacks and packet loss.

Furthermore, VPNs also protect you from malware using their anti-malware features. Subsequently, you can play as much Titanfall 2 as you want without any lagging or threats.

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