While enjoying your precious favorite games sometimes you face issues where your own antivirus software is blocking access to the games or specific property of the games. these problems mostly happen with online games however sometimes it can be said for offline games too.

Today we help you unblock the games being blocked by antivirus. there are multiple methods to understand and solve the problem using quick and easy methods. Let’s try now-

Remove the website from blacklist

when the program or games gets blocked or the particular part of the software is denied access to the system then it may ask to block it. it is possible that without being fully aware you may have blocked it. if you know how to blacklist url and websites you will also know how to unblock them.

this would really help only when the games are hosted on the Game’s official websites. for example, if the pogo games are being blocked you can use this method to fix pogo games not loading issues.

Add an Exception

this is probably the best way to help you unblock the program or games which is being blocked by avast antivirus. once the exception is set your program or website will not be blocked by antivirus. learn how to add exceptions in avast antivirus protection.

Disable the avast antivirus

just to make sure the problem is with the antivirus please temporarily disable avast antivirus for some time to make sure the reason for the block is not because of some other reason.

Report False Positive

if the issue is not being resolved by the methods given above it’s best to contact avast customer service for help.

hope all of this would help you unblock the games and programs using your avast security.

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