If you’re looking for a method to watch Peacock TV outside the US, you’re in the right place. Using VPNs to bypass geo-blocks and access streaming services like Peacock from anywhere on the planet has become extremely popular among streaming enthusiasts. However, since not all VPNs work with Peacock TV, the problem becomes, which VPN to get? Well, NordVPN claims to be the best streaming VPN out there so we decided to test it and answer the question that brought you to this page: “Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV?”

Peacock TV has more than 20,000 hours of media content. You can subscribe for a monthly 4.99$ per month only, and you also get access to Sports coverage. You can watch brand-new TV shows the very next day after they air. Peacock TV has a variety of TV shows that include Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, SNL and more.

In this article, we will test NordVPN’s ability to unblock Peacock TV and if it allows us to stream in HD quality without buffering. That said, if you’re just looking for the quick answer, here you go: Yes, NordVPN works with Peacock TV.

Why does Peacock TV block VPNs?

The thing about Peacock TV, is that they monitor your connection for IP and DNS leaks. So, if you are using an unreliable and free VPN, you will face issues. The Peacock TV servers detect that you’re using a commonly-used VPN IP address, and will ban the IP address and hence you from its website. Peacock TV has access to many, many media content, and there are strict copyright laws that limit the content from streaming outside the US.

To bypass these filters, and trick the website into thinking you are in the US, you need a VPN specifically optimized to bypass Peacock TV blocks. Basically, a reliable VPN offers residential IP addresses, so that you appear as a legitimate user from the US.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs available today, and they claim their VPN can unblock Peacock TV without any issues. Which brings us to the purpose of this article, testing if NordVPN actually works with Peacock TV.

What VPN works with Peacock TV?

Peacock TV applies some of the toughest geo-blocks and filters to restrict VPN users from accessing the service outside the US. So, it’s completely understandable if you feel lost when it comes to choosing a VPN for Peacock TV. We’ve seen multiple posts and comments online complaining about Peacock TV not working with VPN. The question then becomes: What VPN works with Peacock TV?

We can instantly eliminate all the free VPNs, these simply won’t work. Free VPNs don’t use residential IPs, their speed is horrendous, and they get blocked very easily. Small or start-up VPN services won’t be able to get the job done either, at least not consistently. If you try to access Peacock TV with a VPN that isn’t optimized for it, you’ll likely get an error message like: “sorry, accessing peacock through a VPN is restricted” or “It looks like you don’t meet the US roaming rules“. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to bypass US roaming rules.

In order to successfully unblock Peacock TV outside the US, you’re going to need a top-tier VPN service. There’s a handful of those available, NordVPN being the most popular one.

You can check out our other article on this topic which delves into details about several VPNs that are known to work with Peacock TV.

Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV?

Do you want a short answer? NordVPN works perfectly well with Peacock TV. It is easy to navigate, quick, and bypasses the geo-restrictions in place. If you are curious about our test details, read on.

The process is very simple: Get a NordVPN account and subscription, and connect to a US server. With that, you can load the Peacock website or app, and you get the results you want.

In the screenshot below, you can see that all you have to do is load Peacock on your device. Once it is loaded, make sure you are connected to a NordVPN server.

Watching Peacock TV With NordVPN

After that, access the Peacock TV media library, and choose what you want to watch. It really is that easy!

Best NordVPN servers for Peacock TV

Other than bypassing geo-restrictions, you also need decent speed to stream in HD. That seems obvious enough, but you have to find a VPN that offers the fastest bandwidth speeds on US servers.

To assess NordVPN’s streaming speed, we did a few speed tests on several US servers. Check out the results in the table below.

LocationAverage Speed (5 Tests on a 100 Mbps connection)
New York72.33 Mbps
Phoenix68.71 Mbps
Dallas70.97 Mbps
Salt Lake City68.95 Mbps

Although our speed tests were fairly close, as you can see the difference is barely noticeable. However, the fastest NordVPN server for Peacock TV is New York. Since streaming in HD only requires a 5 Mbps connections, you can certainly stream in full HD without any buffering on any of NordVPN’s US servers.

Keep in mind, speed may vary depending on your location and the quality of your connection. You can conduct your own speed tests and choose the fastest server for you.

Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV? – Conclusion

To quickly sum up this article, we tested NordVPN with Peacock TV and concluded that it does work. You can use NordVPN to unblock Peacock TV on your preferred streaming device. The process is simple, you just sign up with NordVPN, open up the VPN app, connect to a US server and enjoy streaming Peacock TV outside the US.

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