Avast 42125 error is one of the most common errors that occurs while installing the Avast program. When this error occurs, your system starts to free and your keyboard and mouse will be less responsive. There are many reasons for which this error might occur when installing the program. The reasons for which this error might occur are-

  • Avast application is not properly installed.
  • The file you have downloaded are corrupted.
  • You might have deleted the files.
  • You might have shut down the system while you were extracting the zip files.

There can be many reasons for which the error might have occurred. If during the installation process you too have faced this error then you should follow the methods below to fix it.

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Deleting Junk Files to resolve Error 42125

Deleting Junk Files to resolve Error 42125

The very first method to fix this error is to delete the junk files that are present on the system. These junk files gets collected with day to day usage, and might slow you computer. In order to uninstall them you will have to type a command in the command prompt. Open the command prompt, and then type the command cleanmgr. Now you will be headed to a disk cleanup popup with which you can easily clean the junk files. Then select all the files and folders that you want to delete and then click on Ok.

Update Drivers

The other most common solution to the error is to update your drivers. This can be done with updating you system. When you check for system updates, you will be getting some drivers updates at the same time. You can easily update the drivers from their. You can either use some third party programs to update the drivers.

Fix Avast Error 42125

Make sure that you update all the essential driver for which the updates are available. You can either use the device manager to update the driver. Open the device manager, and then individually right click on each hardware. Then click on the update driver option. Make sure your device is connected to the internet connection in order to update the driver.

Update The Windows System

You can try updating the system. Many times because of older system version you might get error 42125 error. You can try updating the system. Open the settings of Windows and then click on update and security. Then check for the updates. Download and install the updates that are available. Once done restart you system, and try installing the program again.

Check System

Many times if you are system encounters some error, this can cause problem with installing program. This can also cause Avast 412125 error. You can perform a system scan to troubleshoot all the errors. You can do this with the help of command prompt. Search for the command prompt from the start menu, and then run it as administrator. Then on the command prompt type the command sfc/scannow, and then press the Enter. The program will then try to detect all the problems and errors with system and will also try to fix it. It will also give you any alternate solution to the problem if it is not able to fix the issue by itself.

Try Reinstalling The Software

Another fix to help solve Avast Error 42125 is to reinstall the software. First of all uninstall all the remains of Avast program if any.

Read in details for Uninstall Avast Antivirus Visit the control panel, and then click on uninstall program. Then search for Avast, if you find the program listed, then uninstall it. Make sure that the program is not running in the background.

Fix Avast Error 42125?

You can end the process of the program running in the background with the task manager. Once done, uninstall the program. Then delete the corrupted file from your system. Now visit the official website of the Avast and download the new antivirus files. Once the file is downloaded, install it. Do as the installation wizard says. It will then ask you to restart your computer, follow the command. And you are good to go. Visit Avast form

Final Words on Avast Error 42125

These were some fixes for the Avast 42125 error that occurs while you install the program. If your system freezes during the installation process, then you can try using the above methods to help solve your problem of Avast 42125 error.

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