If you are familiar with media content and you are a lover of TV shows and films, then you are familiar with torrenting. Torrenting is the act of sharing files between peers without needing a main network for this exchange. This allows you to download countless media content as long as you have privacy, security and good internet speed.

The reason you need privacy and security is that you are not safe while torrenting. Torrenting is considered illegal by most governments and it is punishable with fines and even prison time. When you torrent any file, you expose your IP address on the torrent client. This client is commonly uTorrent which is a popular torrent client.

uTorrent allows you to download files from torrent websites like thepiratebay or limetorrent, and then opens the files in its client. While downloading, however, you need to hide your location. The best way to hide your location is to use a VPN.

A VPN changes your IP address and that hides your physical location from your internet service provider. It also protects you from trolls and hackers that lurk around torrrenting sites. 

One of the best VPNs to use for torrenting is CyberGhost VPN. This VPN is popular in the market because of the several advantages that it offers. When torrenting, you need to keep in mind three things: privacy, safety, and speed.

You should have a variety of servers so that you can switch whenever you need. You also require P2P friendly servers that allow peer-to-peer sharing which is the entire basis of torrenting. Moreover, your selected VPN should have a zero-logs policy, a kill switch and unlimited bandwidth for speed. CyberGhost VPN delivers on all of these with its features.  

Why Use a VPN with uTorrent?

Piracy is still on the rise in our modern world. In 2017, users made more than 79 billion visits to pirating websites to illegally download music. The police track as much IP address as it can to arrest these individuals. You might get off with a warning or a letter as a first-time offender, but it might lead to larger consequences later on.

How does this happen? Well, when you visit uTorrent, your IP address is visible on the uTorrent client. Therefore, when you download content illegally, your IP address is obvious for the entire world to see. For example, your internet service provider might track your online activity with your visible IP, and then report you for copyright infringement.

Your ISP can also throttle your bandwidth usage while downloading music, movies or TV shows. This happens by limiting how much internet data you can spend. IP throttling leads to a very poor connection and bad download speed.  

Therefore, you should consider using CyberGhost VPN with uTorrent. This VPN protects you by changing your IP address from your real one to another one in a different country, continent or region. By changing your IP address, you deny your ISP or the government the ability to monitor you. You also protect yourself from cyber attacks like malware and viruses that come attached to torrent files.

Does CyberGhost Work with uTorrent?

CyberGhost VPN utorrent

CyberGhost VPN does not only work with uTorrent, but it also provides one of the most efficient services when it comes to peer-to-peer sharing. CyberGhost VPN offers optimized servers for torrenting and P2P.

Also, this VPN has more than 5000 servers and a kill switch that cuts off your connection if the VPN stops working. This is especially useful with torrenting because you won’t fear that your IP will leak. Also, CyberGhost VPN offers its users military grade encryption to encrypt your traffic data which creates a net of security while torrenting.

It protects you from snooping eyes and any hackers looking to take advantage of any vulnerable users. Furthermore, CyberGhost has set aside specific servers for torrenting, all you have to do is select them from their VPN client or app.  

Keep in mind that torrenting requires speed, and connecting to servers away from your physical location might slow down your connection. This accompanied with the fact that encryption slows down your connection might seem like a problem.

However, all you have to do is select CyberGhost servers that are closer to you in physical location. By connecting to these servers, you guarantee security with military grade encryption and good speed.  

How to Use CyberGhost on uTorrent?

To use CyberGhost VPN on uTorrent, follow these simple instructions: 

  1. Visit CyberGhost VPN and make an account. Subscribe to your selected package. 
  2. Download the CyberGhost application or client and then launch it and connect to a server. 
  3. From the home page of CyberGhost, select ‘Torrent anonymously’. This allows you to connect to the torrenting optimized servers.  
  4. Next, select ‘block online tracking’ and ‘extra speed’ on the CyberGhost settings page. 
  5. Click on ‘start anonymous torrenting’. 
  6. And that’s it! Launch your uTorrent and enjoy downloading whatever you want. 

Other CyberGhost features

CyberGhost provides its users with several features that make torrenting a smoother and easier process.  

First off, CyberGhost VPN uses NoSpy servers which do not allow anyone else to access it. This means that you are completely safe from any third parties snooping around. 

Also, CyberGhost VPN uses anti-malware features that block ads and also viruses. So, you can download from torrenting websites without getting scared about corrupting your files.  

Furthermore, this VPN implements a shared IP address method. This feature means that you won’t use a unique IP address, and therefore it cannot link back to you in case of legal problems. Thousands of users might use this IP address a day, and hence, you are completely safe.  

Another excellent CyberGhost feature is that it is located outside the 14-Eyes Jurisdiction. CyberGhost is in Romania, and therefore its servers are safe from the jurisdiction of the alliance.  

Conclusion – CyberGhost VPN with uTorrent 

Enjoying your favorite TV series or films after a long day at work is the dream. However, sometimes, this content is not available on streaming services and you need to resort to downloading and torrenting. Torrenting is not illegal, but if you download torrented files that are subject to copyright laws, then you might get into some trouble. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a VPN with uTorrent. 

CyberGhost VPN not only works efficiently with uTorrent, but it also has optimized servers for P2P servers. You can use P2P file sharing with no trouble because of this VPN. Also, CyberGhost offers security, a zero-logs policy and complete privacy with its multiple features. Download and turn on CyberGhost then enjoy torrenting all of your favorite media!


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