Overwatch is a video game played by over 50 million people so far all around the world. The game is extremely popular and is considered a sensation in the gaming community. It is the 9th top selling video game according to this study

Overwatch consists of several people on teams who have to fight each other. It promotes teamwork, fun missions and a way to connect with people. These people come from several countries; many are thousands of miles apart. 

The game needs excellent internet speed with no interruptions. It also restricts certain features like the voice feature in some countries. Hence, players find themselves limited. The only option is to install a VPN that makes things smoother, faster, and defies geo-restrictions. 

Why Do You Need An Overwatch VPN?  

Overwatch is a massive game; the sheer number of players, teams and battles are enough to demand a fast internet connection. This is where the role of VPNs comes into play: VPNs help connect you to the fastest servers around the world. Many VPNs have thousands of servers. They offer several options from kill switches to traffic reroutes. This makes your game go uninterrupted for as long as you need.  

One thing to consider is your safety online. Overwatch connects people together, but some people may want to steal your data through the game. VPNs encrypt your information and hide you from potential threats.  

Another potential threat may be DDoS which is a distributed-denial-of-service-attack. DDoS causes players to disconnect from their server temporarily or even permanently in some cases. The undesirable effect of this attack is agonizingly slow speed that affects your game or complete disconnection. Using a VPN in that case protects you from these vicious attacks.  

With some video games, internet service providers (ISPs) may limit your consumption. This is due to the amount of bandwidth you use during gaming. If the amount exceeds their limit, they might slow your game down.  Speed throttling greatly affects your game. Overwatch becomes irritably slow and you might lose the game without proper speed. A good VPN provider gets rid of that worry. Connect to one of the thousands of servers which reroutes your IP address. You can play as much as you want because it hides you from your ISP.  

Unblock the voice chat feature

One of the most essential barriers players face is voice-chat bans in some countries. Overwatch is a game that depends on voice-chat to connect teams together and work on communications. Banning the communications is a big problem, and reduces players’ enjoyment. Some of the countries that ban voice-chat are:  

  1. Egypt 
  2. UAE 
  3. Morocco  
  4. Kuwait 
  5. Oman 
  6. Saudi Arabia 

These countries ban voice-chat because of severe laws that censor internet use. This takes the joy out of the game, and prevents players from winning. 

Use a VPN to connect to different servers all around the world to bypass this ban. VPNs reroute your traffic and places you in a different region. Make sure to connect to a region closer to where you are located. If you live in the UAE connect to a European country.

Will you get banned for using a VPN?  

Video games demand effort. And effort demands time, and hence players don’t want to risk their accounts by using VPNs. The good news is, buying the appropriate VPN provider limits that risk. You can choose between many VPNs that Overwatch has not banned yet. The other option is contacting the game’s support and explaining the need to use a VPN to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling. Beware that not all games accept that as an excuse. So your best bet is to buy a private VPN service. 

Not using a good VPN service might flag your account for suspicious activity. The reason is your IP address changes constantly with free, unreliable VPNs. If the game notices that, they might ban your account.  

Best VPN for Overwatch

All of these VPNs ensure your online safety. You can secure your online identify and protect your computer from various attacks. Use any of recommended VPNs below for a fun and speedy experience. 


NordVPN Overwatch

NordVPN has 5200+ worldwide servers in 59 countries. These servers unblock geo-restrictions and voice-chat in Overwatch. It also does not record user data. Your information is private and anonymous.

This VPN prevents DDoS attacks and offers a Double VPN option. Your information passes through two different servers. This means that it is near impossible to detect your identity or location. NordVPN allows communication on Overwatch and unblocks the chat feature. You can get back to talking with your team members and win that game! 


Surfshark Overwatch

SurfsharkVPN is one of the fastest VPN providers. It does not keep any data logs. Your information is safe, and thus undetectable by Overwatch. Surfshark monitors and prevents online tracking. Your ISP will not be able to see your activity. You will also be secure from DDoS attacks. Surfshark breaks through geo-restrictions and can connect you anywhere. This VPN does not have excessive lag and in fact speeds up your game.


CyberGhost Overwatch

Cyberghost VPN detects viruses while gaming. It protects you from hackers and online attackers. You can play Overwatch and know that you are safe. Cyberghost can connect to up to seven devices. It can bypass geo-restrictions and voice-chat ban. Cyberghost is affordable and has a 45-days money back guarantee. 



ExpressVPN is reliable and quick with excellent customer support. It has thousands of servers in 94 countries. Express VPN manages to bypass geo-restrictions easily. It does not keep any data logs whatsoever. Your traffic and internet activity remain anonymous. This VPN also provides a kill switch. You will not be detected if your internet suddenly cuts off. ExpressVPN is one on the most dependable VPNs out there, and it has a 30-day money back guarantee. 

How to setup a VPN for Overwatch

After you choose the VPN service that suits you, you have to set it up for your game. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the VPN app on your laptop. 
  2. Create an account. 
  3. Purchase your preferred subscription. 
  4. Choose the country closest to your region. 
  5. Connect to that country’s server. 

You can also choose to change the VPN server any time. It also provides options of rerouting your info through ports. Another option is changing your VPN protocol. Overwatch requires a VPN that bypasses geo-restrictions and unblocks voice-chat. Hence, you should connect to regions that do not ban or restrict the voice chat option. Make sure that your VPN is on at all times.

These are the steps to establish a swift game. Overwatch no longer needs to lag or freeze with the usage of these VPNs!  

Overwatch VPN – Conclusion 

The Overwatch hype is still ongoing. It is one of the most entertaining video games. It has caused an online cult-like devotion. Members learn to communicate and chat with their fellow team players. Overwatch gives its players an immersive experience.

The downside is the geo-restrictions in some regions especially the Middle East. These Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE block the voice-chat option. The voice-chat option is one of the most crucial parts of Overwatch. Voice chat allows players to talk to each other during the games. People therefore need an option to strike these barriers down. Use one of the recommended VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPNCyberghost or Surfshark.

The best advantages provided are the security from attacks. ISP restrictions suck the joy from the game. It makes it slow and lagging. Download a VPN to speed up Overwatch and protect your data. Unblock the voice-chat restrictions and get back to talking to your teammates!  

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