Panda Antivirus is very known and popular antivirus protection used throughout the world. However, if you’re looking for our expert recommendation, check out our Avast Review. today in this post we will discuss why reasons could cause panda antivirus error code 10 and how you can fix this error and get the security working.

This is an detailed guide that has been prepared after user feedback and careful on hand experience on the matter and should definitely help solve the trouble.

What Causes Panda Error Code 10?

These errors specially in antivirus can’t be pinpointed to one particular cause because there can be many reasons behind this problem. let us list the possible reasons all together so we can help you fix the trouble.

  • Corrupted computer registry 
  • Stopped Panda Antivirus services
  • Program Runtime error 
  • Presence of conflicting program
  • Malware attack 
  • outdated or corrupted graphics driver

before we begin to solve these issues lets run a quick system checkup that would really help you solve the problem.

  • Please update windows or mac operating system to latest version available.
  • turn off the default windows firewall because it too can cause conflict
  • allow panda security to take over the system firewall to protect you better.
  • perform a disk cleanup of your system

lets go and perform Recommended method to eradicate trouble.

Fix Panda Antivirus Error 10

its important to know that system files are organized and corrupted files are sorted. here is what you can do.

  • Go to Your computer and click on the menu
  • type CMD in search bar and open the command prompt
  • type sfc/scanow and hit enter on keyboard to start the process.
Fix Panda Antivirus Error 10
  • let it Run for next 10-15 minutes and it may find and repair the damaged files.

Once its done please restart the computer and try cleaning the temp and junk files.

  • Click on start and type CMD in search bar then open the command prompt.
Fix Panda Antivirus Error 10
  • type cleanmgr and press enter. select your drive and clean it

Restart Panda Antivirus Services

  • Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard together to open run command box.
  • empty the box and type services.msc and press enter.
  • you may see a services screen and locate panda antivirus services please select it and restart it.
  • Please restart the computer and open the panda antivirus to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Remove Conflicting Program

if you have any other antivirus or security program then its possible it may create conflict with panda antivirus. please uninstall the conflicting program to avoid any trouble.

  • Go to computer and open the control panel>Programs>programs and features
  • locate the conflicting program and uninstall the program (if required run the removal tool to remove it)
Remove Conflicting Program
  • restart the computer and run the panda antivirus to get it working.

Please update the graphics driver under the same services tab to make sure its working and up-to date.

Uninstall/Reinstall panda antivirus

incorrect or wrongful installation of panda antivirus may cause the trouble. please use panda antivirus removal tool to uninstall the software.

Uninstall/Reinstall panda antivirus
  • download the panda remove tool from this page
  • open and install the program to remove the panda antivirus
  • restart the computer after removal and go to your panda account to login
  • use the username and password to access the account.
  • Make sure you have an active subscription then download the product.
  • run the program and install it from start

All of these methods would help you fix panda error code 10. if you still have issues please contact us and let us know for any further help.

Thank you for your time.

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