So you’re most likely craving the latest season of Beastars, or probably wanting to know what’s all the Tiktok crush on JUJUTSU KAISEN’s characters. No wonder the Japanese anime industry, combining both overseas and domestic markets, has estimated a total of 2.5 trillion Japanese yen in 2019.

Imagine the revenue post-COVID! However sadly, the geo-restrictions have banned a lot of people from the greatest website of anime: Funimation. But need no worries! We guarantee you the privilege to watch Funimation outside the US and that’s with a simple step of “VPN” access.

Why do I need a VPN anyways to watch Funimation?

If you’re here, then you clearly have noticed a certain error when trying to access your Funimation website. It’s either: 

  • Sorry, but this content isn’t available in your country.
  • Unable to load at this time. Please try again later.

Usually, when you’re accessing a website, your device is noticed with a unique IP address where your ISP plots your Geographic location. And, Funimation usually restricts its service to a minimal number of locations including: United States (With the greatest library), Canada, United Kingdom, and a list of selective countries reaching only around 10 nations! So if you’re not in these countries, then you can’t watch Funimation. 

Honestly speaking, Funimation has got the greatest anime of all other websites, and accessing it would be a perfect chill mode getting out of the classical Netflix norms. Don’t worry though, with VPN access, you can easily “Funimation & Chill” and successfully finish your long awaited Anime watch-list.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that, in simple terms, masks your online identity by changing your IP address.

  • Logically speaking, a new IP address, means a different address. 
  • A new virtual address gives you a new geographical location  
  • A new geographical location will give you access to restricted items  
  • And Voi la! You’re an anime fan already.  

Which VPN should I install?

Before installing a VPN, you need to choose amongst all the hundreds of VPNs the right VPN to watch Funimation outside the US.

Take a look at the top offers in the table below and if you want to get into more details, read on.


NordVPN Funimation

NordVPN is our top choice among all Funimation VPNs due to its 5200+ servers from all around the world, prime videos, availability on all popular software including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. It can even reach your smart TV and router!!

You’ll enjoy your movies and series with a full hd resolution due to the high speed without neglecting its affordable prices. Based on our testing, this Funimation VPN ranks first!



This is your ultimate VPN as a beginner and is extremely affordable with a 24-month subscription $2.49/month! This VPN also works for Funimation and is considered a cheap, speedy, and convenient VPN considering its pricing and performance.  


CyberGhost Funimation

The greatest advantage of CyberghostVPN is its extreme easy-to-use service. This Funimation VPN allows you to access fast servers and immediate connections.

The service already has 38+ million users from around the world. Respective to its speed, you’ll enjoy your ultimate resolution and fast download with its availability in 90+ countries.


ExpressVPN Funimation

Being also a Funimation streaming VPN, this VPN has 3000+ servers from all around available in 90+ countries. This speedy VPN records only a 10% speed loss considering higher percentages in competitive fields, and also works on a variety of devices including Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and more.

Although the pricing is greater than rival VPNs, you’ll enjoy an HD/4k streaming with a 30 day free trial and 100% money-back guarantee. 

Activate your Funimation VPN account

Now that you’ve successfully chosen and installed the app, and you’re heading for the real work. As huge as changing your whole IP geographical location seems, it’s actually a simple process with the following simplified steps.

  1. Visit the website of your VPN 
  2. Choose the bundle that suits you best 
  3. Signup and create an account 
  4. Download the app 
  5. Sign in after activating your account from your signed up email 

Then, you’ll change your IP address so you’ll have to:

  • First, Pick a country. Choose one that has Funimation access (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil).

Surely, we advise you with the United states since it provides the great library collection.  

  • Next, choose the server in the respective country by simply clicking on it.  

If you search on google “Where am I located right now?” after using your VNP, you’ll find out that the ISP spots your internet traffic from the same location you have chosen in your VPN. So you’re successfully ready to stream Funimation.  

Free VPNs: ProtonVPN to watch Funimation

One of the greatest issues with the free VPNs is the severe speed reduction. However, if you insist on continuing with a free VPN, you can simply go for ProtonVPN.

The free version has limited access to only 3 countries, and could be used on only one device, yet it doesn’t reduce your speed as much as other free VPNs. However we do recommend one of the top 4 VPNs for a more complete and reliable solution.

Activate your Funimation account, so basically it’s a classical subscription now: 

  1. Go to 
  2. You’ll finally have access to the menu bar 
  3. Click on Login > Create new account  
  4. Choose the bundle that suits you, or go for a free trial  
  5. Signup… and we’re done.  

In A Nutshell…

As you have seen, you can now watch Funimation from outside the US with a VPN. No more geo-blocks, no more unavailability, or any geo-restrictions.

In addition to that, you get the advantages of encryption, security, privacy, speed, and bypassing restrictions that you’ll enjoy right after you activate your VPN. So not only will you enjoy your anime, but also a list of unending games and entertainment services.

Send us your feedback on your VPN choices and performance!

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