Today we present you with an DIY Guide to solve one of the Norton installation error code 8504 104. With only this guide we will explain the root cause of this error and how you can fix norton error 8504 104 using simple and quick methods. 

Note- if you have trouble with Any version of Norton antivirus software that has this error then you use the exact same steps to solve the problem.

Installation of Norton Antivirus is just Like making the protective shield against many types of internet  virus, malware and junks. your devices such as computer, tablet, routers and smartphone must be protected and equipped with good antivirus to keep you from harm’s way.  The recent cyber attacks on Isp Providers and wifi routers tell us that we need cyber protection more than ever.

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What is Norton error 8504 104

This is an installation error that may show up upon upgrade or installation of Norton antivirus. You may also see the same error in some cases of doing the update from older version to newer version of the software. Here is the list of potential reasons that could cause the trouble- 

  • Windows Firewall or another antivirus blocking the norton installation 
  • Inactive or limited subscription of the Security Software 
  • Incorrect version of software installation 
  • Wrongful installation of software package

Alright Now that we know the probable cause of the error we will equip you with the knowledge to solve the trouble.

Fix Norton installation Error 8504 104

Now here is what you should do to tackle this Problem in a simple way. First Go for a quick diagnostics to make sure of a few things that may help you solve the problem.

  • Go to Control Panel >Programs >Programs and Features
  • Search For any other antivirus Program and uninstall it 
Fix Norton installation Error 8504 104
  • Restart the computer and download the Norton removal tool to remove any older version of Norton antivirus 
  • Run the Norton removal tool to uninstall Norton and all the older data with it. 
  • After the uninstallation, restart the system and follow the next steps given below.
Fix Norton installation Error 8504 104

Login to Your norton account and Check for Which norton version you have the License for. Make sure you have an active subscription with an available slot for the device you are trying to install the norton.

Download the purchased version of norton antivirus from your account and run the installation. Follow the on screen Guide to activate and set up Norton antivirus Protection. 

Pro Tip

Upon installation of norton antivirus it may ask you to allow the control over your windows firewall to protect you better please Click Allow and Yes to make sure you don’t get error 8504, 104 . you can also manually disable windows firewall in case this error persists again.


All of these methods are easy to follow and these methods are tried and tested. Hopefully this would have solved your trouble but if the issue is still not resolved do contact norton support desk to help you fix the problem. 

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