Are you looking for the best antivirus software for your system? Avast Antivirus trusted by millions of users when it comes to internet security. Avast has a lot of products for protecting your system or internet from hacking, cracking and other attempts of unauthorized access.

Avast products can be downloaded through the online mode or the offline installation mode. In this post, we will learn how to use the Avast offline installer. Before going to the process let us understand what is Avast offline installer and its requirements. 

We have listed the requirements for Avast. So, these are some basic specifications that you need to have Avast offline installation in your system.

Avast Offline Installer Requirements

Operating system: Windows-xp XP /Vista/7/ 8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher. 
Disk space: 2GB minimum
RAM: Must be at least 256 MB
If you are using an older version of Windows like the 95, 98, ME and 2000 version you really need to upgrade them because the latest versions of Avast antivirus products does not work with the older version of Windows.

How to use the Avast Offline installer

To install the Avast antivirus using the offline mode you just need to downloaded an exe. file from third party websites Or just “click to download avast free antivirus“. File will be downloaded the size of the file is much have as compared to the online version of the software. 

How to use the Avast Offline installer

The offline file will be downloaded in the download folder or wherever you have given the destination for download. 

When you click on that file a window will pop up which will ask Avast free Antivirus wants to make changes to your device to be installed. Click on the yes option and proceed further.

This will install Avast antivirus on your system. Before you install the antivirus you need to you know few things.

Avast Browser

While installing it will also install the free Avast browser that will become your default browser. You can remove it from the default browser by going to the settings section.

Preferred language

Avast gives you the option to change the language if you are not comfortable by the default language. The language will be changed after the software has been installed. There are two types of installation available for Avast.

Regular installation

It includes the default installation with most of the the products offered by our like our Secureline VPN, Avast cleanup, Avast browser cleanup, Avast passwords, Avast Safezone browser and Avast software updater.

Custom Installation

In the custom installation it offers you the option to choose the product you wish to install in your system.

When you will install the Avast Antivirus then it will recommend you that will be installed along with antivirus like the cloud storage apps or something. Make sure to uncheck them if you already have them in your system or don’t have any need for them.

Avast Custom Installation

Avast do keep a check on your PC and internet’s activity and the user data may be assessed but Avast boasts that it respects user privacy. Though there were some data privacy issues with Avast software but that thing has been resolved now ( according to sources).

If you wish to prevent Avast from tracking and assessing your data you can uncheck the option of Participate in Avast Data Sharing and Participate in Avast Community.

Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security is one of the security products that comes with Avast software installation. When you are an active internet user then you must use this in your PC.

It keeps your internet activities safe and you can do all the purchases and transactions safely without the fear of being hacked.

Once the software is downloaded in your system, you get the .exe file, execute it. When you click the yes button then it will apply the changes to your system. After that the files of the software needs to be copied to the system.

Make sure you let the software be installed properly and do not turn the system off. When it is fully installed a restart message will pop up on the screen. Let your system be restarted.

Sometimes it happens that Avast Offline installer does not work in a system may be due to some technical issues or some other reasons. Let us see what to do if you face such issue.

What To Do If Avast Offline Installation Doesn’t Work

When we install Avast antivirus through offline mode then it may show this error: error in downloading some files. This means that the complete set of files could not be downloaded properly.

The second reason might be that it might not be compatible with your current configuration. Now let us see how to resolve this:-

1. Check the minimum Requirements

  1. Go to the official website or the third party website from where you have downloaded the Avast offline installer file.
  2. Check the minimum requirements in order the file to work properly.
  3. If everything is fine and you have the minimum requirements then you can try following the second method:-

Sometimes old Avast installation leaves traces of some files which might not allow a fresh installation. Follow the given steps to resolve this:-

2. Clean The Traces of Old installation

Avast Uninstall Utility
  1. To clean the traces of older installations you can use the Avast utility uninstaller. This is a tool that allows removing existing old files.
  2. You can find the tool here:
  3. Use this tool and then try installing a fresh version of the software

If this too doesn’t work then you can try the last method.

3. Keep Your Internet Turned on For Offline Mode

After researching the forums we came to know that some versions of the offline installers have components that do need an active internet connection. So, make sure your internet is working even while you are using an offline installer.

So, this was all about the Avast offline installer and how to use it. We have also shared the resolution to resolve the issue of ‘Avast Offline version not working’ If you still have any queries feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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