For those of us who use PC, we know that the Microsoft Defender does a decent job at protecting your PC from external threats. But sometimes, it isn’t enough. If your line of work puts your PC in the danger zone, you’ll need anti-virus software for extra protection. However, most companies release free versions of their software with fewer features. The question is can you trust them to protect your sensitive data? Keep reading to find out!

Features Of Free Programs

It’s no doubt that free anti-viruses are an attractive option, especially for those on a budget. But what about their features? In the past, most free versions offered unlimited use with limited features. Meaning you could use some basic features for free. These features included threat alerts, removing common threats and viruses, and scanning the PC for free.

But since the Windows Defender upgrades its protection, companies have started rolling out free trial versions. These trial versions offer partial or full functionality for free for some time. Mostly between 1 to 3 months. But after that, you’ll need to pay for access.

How Advanced Is Their Security?

These days the free anti-viruses offer pretty serious protection. That’s because users can use all of the program’s features in the trial period, allowing them to assess if the program is worth spending the money on. The trial mechanism also makes it easier for people to test out different anti-virus programs and pick the best features and price points. These features include better firewall protection, social media protection, data encryption, password management, and identity protection.

Should You Use the Free Version

Given that most programs come with a trial period so at some point, you’ll have to pay for them if you want to keep using them. But using different software will allow you to get free protection for longer periods, and you can decide which one you want to use once you have to pay. But if you’re unwilling to pay for the premium versions, you’re going to have to make do with the built-in program that comes with your operating system. Struggling to find good anti-virus programs? Take a look at our anti-virus reviews to find one with the best features and price points. Our website, Anonymistic, has many reviews and helpful guides on bypassing restrictions through VPN for NFL or NBA blackouts. We also guide you on installing VPN services on all of your devices. Reach out to us to learn more.

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