There has been a drastic evolution since the first antivirus software emerged in the 1980s. In the succeeding decades, cyber threats, modes of transmission, consumer tech, IT, and the rise of the internet have contributed to the changing antivirus landscape.

The cybercrime industry has grown exponentially as well. Gone are the days when malware producers and hackers used to work in hiding in their basements. Now it’s a lucrative industry that’s growing rapidly.

Even though antivirus software has played a central role in combating these threats and protecting internet users, there’s still a gap that leaves them vulnerable. That gap is what Next-Gen antivirus hopes to fill.

This blog will highlight how Next-Gen antivirus is different from traditional ones and why business leaders are choosing them.

Next-Gen Antivirus Explained

Next-Gen antivirus performs cutting-edge threat detection and finds all the signs of malicious behavior in contrast to traditional antivirus that focused only on recognized malware attributes in files. Next-Gen antivirus uses machine learning and a predictive model to establish analytics that detects malware before compromising security protocols.

How does it Work?

The Next-Generation antivirus uses a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other behavioral detection algorithms to identify any looming threats. The cloud-based system simplifies management and provides frequent updates that effectively combat evolving techniques and behaviors employed by cybercriminals like hackers and scammers.

Unlike conventional antivirus software, the Next-Gen antivirus detects any malicious activity using a systematic approach that evaluates each process to its endpoint. This enables Next-Gen antivirus to proactively detect and block the advances made by hackers and scammers.

When comparing both the software, it’s clear that Next-Gen antivirus provides a more effective means of identifying and preventing unknown malware and sophisticated cyber-attacks such as ransomware and file-less attacks.

Malware detection sign on display

Benefits of Next-Gen Antivirus

Lower Operational Costs

Outdated technology makes businesses vulnerable to potential threats, which leads to additional costs for recovery purposes. Using the latest antivirus software like Next-Gen will reduce such risks, leading to reduced operational costs.

Enhanced Protection

Next-Gen antivirus helps businesses stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Saves Time

Helps the security experts focus on more important things, thus saving time.

Read Expert Reviews before Choosing Antivirus Software

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