Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been targeted with another wave of harassment that prompted them to disable the comments on their recent YouTube presentation. Traditionally, the studio has delivered reviews of their work after release, and that is what they did with the latest Developer Insights video featuring the Lightfall DLC artwork.

It was soon realized that Destiny 2: Lightfall had many shortcomings. Rather than providing useful feedback, certain members of the community have been going after Bungie developers. The most recent surge of this behavior came to light in the comment section of the Developer Insights video about the artwork, with the Bungie artists being the main targets.

In recent times, Destiny 2 has been the focus of multiple harassment episodes, most of which happened in the earlier part of the year. This culminated in some serious and alarming threats. It appears that the problem is still not resolved as Bungie had to disable the comments section on the most recent Developer Insights video. Although there is no available evidence as to what was said, it is clear that it was undeniably concerning.

In the past, the former Bungie community manager Dylan Gafner expressed the sentiment that harassment from Destiny 2 players is unavoidable, regardless of the kind of interaction. Gafner, also known as dmg04, is a devoted Destiny enthusiast who moved from being part of the community to a community manager, and his words seem to be proving true. Josh Deane, the Destiny franchise director, also shared his opinion on the matter, saying that Bungie will take action to stop any personal attacks.

Some have suggested that Bungie disabled commenting on the video to avoid negative criticism. However, Twitter user justaddwatter has noted that a lot of “awful people” were participating, which is consistent with Bungie’s history of taking a stand against threatening behavior. This indicates that the studio has a low threshold for targeted harassment.

The Destiny 2 fanbase was all praises for Bungie’s transparent communication prior to the launch of Lightfall DLC. Regrettably, there is still a small minority that spoils the experience for everyone else. Many people debate that censoring comments under a video may not be the most effective strategy to address the harassment issue, yet it is difficult to overlook how severe the situation has become.

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