Who doesn’t love movies? Series? Entertainment shows? – So, what about a streaming platform that has a wide collection of all these combined? – Incredible! That’s exactly what TVNZ is.

When thinking of streaming platforms, what is the first thing that pops into your head? – Yes, Netflix! Similarly, each country has its own local streaming platform, packed with entertaining content and live programs. In New Zealand, TVNZ has been dominating the market for years with 43% of the New Zealand streaming market.

Quick Guide: Best VPN For TVNZ

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN
  2. Download the VPN app on your device
  3. Start streaming TVNZ, from anywhere!

TVNZ Geo-Blocks

Do you want to enjoy your favorite shows on TVNZ? – Without a doubt, such a versatile platform will stir people’s interest all over the world. Unfortunately, TVNZ is only available for those living in New Zealand due to geo-blocking. In other words, the streaming channel has a defense mechanism that prohibits anyone living outside of New Zealand from accessing the content. That’s certainly inconvenient for New Zealand expats around the world, specially with popular shows like MasterChef Australia airing live on TVNZ.

If you live outside of New Zealand, you will get this geo-error message; “Whoops! seems like you’re trying to watch from outside of New Zealand. Our videos are only available to watch within New Zealand due to rights issues.

So, how does the streaming channel know that you’re outside of New Zealand? – The short answer is “IP Address“. As every country has specific IP addresses, it’s easy to identify whether you’re inside or outside New Zealand. Accessing from outside the country, you will definitely get the previous message. TVNZ enforces geo-restrictions for copyright reasons. However, do you want to watch TVNZ outside New Zealand? Hmmm, let’s see!

Best VPN For TVNZ Abroad

Thanks to the evolving technology, getting a New Zealand IP address abroad is now an easy task. With a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can bypass geo-restrictions, and TVNZ will be within your reach in no time, replacing your location digitally. VPN has become popular over the years, boosting the number of providers that offer the same service.

But, do all of them deliver the same quality and features as well? – Actually, no! Free VPNs don’t use secure encryption algorithms, risking your online privacy. Also, these services don’t support a zero-logs policy, putting your data at risk, including IP address, browsing history, and more. That’s not all; free VPN services sell your personal data to third parties to shower you with targeted ads. With not-so-good speed and limited unblocking capabilities, let’s just say this is not your best option. Instead, you’ll need a premium high speed VPN for TVNZ.

I’ve tested TVNZ with many VPNs and concluded that the 3 providers listed below are the absolute best for streaming TVNZ outside New Zealand in terms of speed, unblocking capabilities, and price.


NordVPN devices

NordVPN is among the best all-purpose VPNs, with fast servers that allow ultra HD streaming on any geo-restricted channel. With 5,800 servers worldwide, NordVPN has made it to the top of the list and it’s easy to see why. The provider is a great choice, offering a fast connection, superior service, and an affordable price. Also, it is a log-less VPN service so it doesn’t store any personal data.

This VPN is equipped with a kill-switch, DNS leak protection, double-hop feature, and split tunneling. In addition to that you also have built-in features for ad blocking and malware tracking. You can also take advantage of the Smart Play feature as well as free Smart DNS. It’s quite easy to set up NordVPN or their Smart DNS on practically any device or router. The company is based in Panama so you can rest assured all your torrenting activities are protected.


Surfshark TVNZ

Surfshark is a reliable, secure, and fast VPN, with an intuitive interface and strong encryption. It’s an excellent choice for almost any subscription service, thanks to its vast network of servers in more than 65 countries. With over 6,000 servers worldwide, this provider works perfectly with all streaming services in HD quality.

Surfshark offers powerful functionalities compared to other VPNs at the same price range. Features like the Whitelister which allows you to bypass the VPN connection for specific apps and websites. Additionally you have a kill switch along with AES-256 bit encryption and the latest security protocols to ensure user privacy.


ExpressVPN on All Devices

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs with a superior ability to unblock geo-restricted content while maintaining your security. With the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm, you’re personal data is private and secure, no one can track your IP address. With 3,000 servers worldwide, ExpressVPN unblocks any website or service anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN offers apps on any device, and the user interface is unbelievably simple to use even for beginners. That being said, it has all the essential VPN features and settings that you would probably need, such as kill switch, DNS leak protection, bypassing ISP bandwidth throttling, and port forwarding.

Watch TVNZ Outside New Zealand With Smart DNS

If you’re looking for an alternative to VPNs, then Smart DNS will be the ideal fit! Similar to VPNs, Smart DNS unblocks streaming services with geo-restrictions easily and is compatible with almost any operating system or device. It’s compatibility is what makes it useful. As you probably already know if you own an Apple TV or a gaming console (PlayStation or Xbox), these devices don’t support VPN applications. Which is where Smart DNS can jump in and save the day since it’s easily configurable on these and other devices as well.


  • Rerouting the location part of your traffic (not the entire thing)
  • Fast speed
  • Compatible with more devices


  • No data encryption
  • No privacy (Unlike VPNs)
  • Your IP address isn’t changed
  • Third parties can exploit your personal information

What To Watch On TVNZ?


Television New Zealand, also known as TVNZ is a state-owned broadcaster and the best entertainment streaming service in New Zealand. With 1.5 million viewers daily, TVNZ has made it to the top most impressive platforms not only in New Zealand, but around the world. The service showcases on-demand content of the best local and international hits, in addition to classics and news.

You can watch live TV through three main TVNZ channels:

  • One (TVNZ 1): This channel provides a wide selection of programs, including drama, sport, news, comedy, and more
  • Two (TVNZ 2): Known as “Home of Entertainment,” this channel is more targeted at younger audiences, showcasing kids’ shows, sitcom, and dramas, as well as international shows.
  • Duke (TVNZ Duke): This channel is a gold mine for males as it is more centered on live sports, comedy, and drama series.

Wondering why TVNZ is the number one network in New Zealand? – TVNZ is a free streaming service with numerous local and international shows and the latest programs. Classic series? – Yes, TVNZ has it too! So, what will you find when subscribing to TVNZ? – Let’s see; here are some examples:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Alibi
  • The Simpsons
  • The Walking Dead
  • Alex Rider
  • Friends
  • Weeds
  • Scrubs
  • The Mentalist
  • Black Sheep
  • Freefall
  • Bodyguard
  • Seinfeld
  • Survive the 80s

TVNZ Compatible Devices

You know what the best thing about TVNZ is? – TVNZ is compatible with various operating systems, including:

  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Xbox one
  • Android

That is amazing because you can access TVNZ on almost any device. Just subscribe to TVNZ, purchase one of the powerful VPNs, and don’t miss your favorite shows. Come on; it’s time to watch Friends again!

VPN For TVNZ – Final Thoughts

Do you want to enjoy the best local and international shows on TVNZ? – Easy Peasy! It’s already free of charge. But, do you want to access it abroad? – Can’t say it’s hard! All you need to do is to purchase a premium VPN for TVNZ and unblock all the content.

A premium VPN or DNS allows you to watch TVNZ outside New Zealand, just follow this short guide:

  1. Subscribe to a recommended TVNZ VPN
  2. Download the VPN application that is compatible with your streaming device
  3. Sign up and then, log in with the same credentials
  4. Open the server menu, and then, choose any server located in New Zealand
  5. Enjoy a wide variety of shows, programs, and series. Jump into a world full of entertainment and action!

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