Nowadays, VPNs have emerged as a popular and significant tool used across businesses and industries. In light of the pandemic, most daily activities are now conducted online, which has further increased VPN users across the globe. However, many myths make users hesitant and wary of VPNs.

Despite its many benefits, many internet users still don’t use VPNs and expose their data and online activity to dangerous cybercriminals. This has drastically increased cybercrimes and illegal internet activities like data breaches, identity theft, etc. Therefore, in this article, we will debunk some popular myths surrounding VPNs.

Myth # 1: Free VPNs Work Just Fine

Fact: It’s Worth Paying for a Reliable VPN

The foremost reason people refrain from using a VPN is the cost. They think it’s unnecessary to spend their money on a VPN service. This is mainly because they are not aware of the cyber security threats and the benefits of using a VPN.

On the other hand, those who wish to use a VPN often opt for a free one. While free VPNs do offer security, they cannot match the level of paid VPN services. When users opt for a paid VPN service, they can benefit from higher security and speed.

Myth # 2: A VPN is Only Needed by Businesses

Fact: Everyone is Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes

As an internet user, everyone is venerable and exposed to cybercrimes. It doesn’t matter if they are doing some high-tech work or are a big business organization; even something as simple as a social media ID and password is at risk.

Hence, VPNs work the same way for everyone, whether they are big businesses or regular internet users. It’s imperative to invest in a good and reliable VPN service provider to ensure privacy and prevent data breaches and system hacks.

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Myth # 3: A VPN is Used to Hide Suspicions Activity

Fact: A VPN is a Security Tool

Most people think a VPN is used to conceal suspicious activity on the internet, but it’s just a regular security tool. A tool that conceals the user’s location and identity, ensuring they enjoy a safe browsing and streaming experience.

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