A VPN service is ideal for internet users as it conceals their location and identity and protects them against cyber threats. So knowing that a VPN might not be completely safe might come as a surprise to most people? How can tools created to protect users make them vulnerable? The answer is simple.

VPNs are vulnerable as they are by default exposed to the internet and can be viewed as an entry point for most cybercriminals to an organization’s protected and private network. Often left unpatched, VPNs are a particularly juicy target for cybercriminals. Some researchers consider VPNs an outdated technology that offers a wide attack area for cybercriminals to participate in malicious activity.

Therefore, internet users are exposed to various VPN security risks and vulnerabilities if they fail to employ proper tactics. The safety of a VPN network depends on the provider. If a user picks the right provider, they can enjoy the many perks of a VPN network. Here are some VPN security risks to look out for.

Logging Policies

A VPN provider who keeps a log of the user’s internet activity is pointless. The main aim is to search and browse anonymously; whether it’s the ISP or the VPN provider, no one should be able to access activity logs. Users have no control over their privacy, and their data is still at risk.

Hence, a zero log policy is what you should be looking for in a VPN service provider. This will allow users to truly enjoy the perks of a VPN without compromising their inline privacy and security.

Data Leak

IP leaks and DNS leaks are some good examples of data leaks while using a VPN. Even though the user is connected to a VPN, the IP address still leaks through the VPN tunnel.

Again, this makes using a VPN pointless. A reliable VPN provider will ensure data is never exposed.

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Privacy Polices

This is the most common way to trick VPN users. Shady privacy policies are what put users at risk most of the time. A VPN provider may claim one thing, but their privacy policy will tell an entirely different story.

Hence, it’s crucial to read between the lines and ensure there are no vague terms and conditions.

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