Are you excited to watch the Winter Olympics on Peacock TV? The Olympics are beginning on February 4th, and in order to stream them on Peacock TV, you need access to the streaming service.

Peacock TV is a US-based streaming service that has more than 20,000 hours of media content. You can enjoy all these hours if only you were able to stream it outside of the US.

If you want to access Peacock TV outside the US, you need to use a VPN service. A VPN service gives you an alternate IP address that is different from the one you already have. This means that, if you want to access a US streaming service, you need a US IP address. That is exactly what a VPN provides.

Quick Summary: Best 2022 Winter Olympics VPN

We recommend using NordVPN to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics on Peacock TV. We’ve tested NordVPN with Peacock TV and can confidently confirm that it does work. However, if you’re looking for other options, we made a list of the top 5 VPNs that you can use to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics live from anywhere.

How Does a VPN Work for the Winter Olympics?  

To put it in simple terms, Peacock TV is covering the Winter Olympics in February. In order to stream the Winter Olympics, you need to bypass the geo-restrictions that Peacock TV has in place. This is where a VPN comes in. A VPN has thousands of servers in regions all around the world. In Peacock TV’s case, you need to connect to a US server.  

To do that, you need to choose a reliable VPN service. Next, you download the VPN client on your device, make an account, and subscribe. Then, when the installation is done, you log in with your info and you connect to a US server.  

This changes your IP address, and from there you can refresh Peacock TV to stream the Winter Olympic events live.  

So, Can I Use a Free VPN to watch the Winter Olympics? 

If you want unreliable service, then sure. A free VPN will not work when your goal is to unblock geo-restrictions, especially when it comes to streaming services. These services are exclusive, and they need an efficient VPN to bypass the VPN blocks. By connecting to a reliable VPN, you are guaranteed servers that are not overloaded or exposed. Free VPNs gain profit by selling your info to third-parties, and hence, you cannot actually have privacy. Why risk that?  

Which VPNs are Best to Stream the Winter Olympics?  

Winter Olympics on Peacock TV

As mentioned before, free VPNs are unreliable and risky. You need to use proper VPNs in order to stream the Winter Olympics in 2022. After doing some testing, our recommended VPNs are NordVPN, SurfsharkVPN, CyberGhostVPN, Private Internet Access, and ExpressVPN. You can take a look at a more detailed article explaining all of their features and why we chose these VPNs specifically to unblock Peacock TV outside the US.


NordVPN Winter Olympics
  • More than 3,000 servers that give you access to Peacock TV by connecting you to a US server. 
  • SmartPlay feature that offers the fastest connection and speed to stream the Winter Olympics. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • NordLynx protocol that is speedy and efficient. 
  • Six simultaneous connections.  
  • Split tunneling option. 
  • HD quality for streaming Peacock TV. 
  • 24/7 live customer support. 
  • 30-day money back guarantee.  


Surfshark Winter Olympics
  • More than 3,000 servers in several regions around the globe. 
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • CleanWeb feature that gets rid of malware and ads. 
  • NoBorders mode that allows you access to the internet no matter where you are in the world. This is especially helpful for the Winter Olympics.  
  • Smart DNS feature.  
  • Compatible with all devices. 


CyberGhost Winter Olympics
  • 5,000 servers all around the world. You won’t run out of Winter Olympics servers using this VPN. 
  • One click process to unblock Peacock TV and stream the Winter Olympics.  
  • An automatic kill switch. 
  • Multi-hop connection that reroutes your data through two VPN tunnels. 
  • DNS protection and prevents IP leaks. 
  • Accessible and easy to navigate. 
  • Compatible with all devices including Mac, Android, PC, routers, and TVs.  
  • Military-grade encryption that protects you from cyber threats. 
  • 45-day money back guarantee.  

Private Internet Access

PIA Stream the Olympic games
  • 11,000+ VPN servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Powerful encryption
  • Dedicated apps with support
  • Ad-blocker included
  • Dedicated IPs available
  • Advanced split tunneling


ExpressVPN stream the Olympic games
  • More than 3,000 servers available so that you can bypass the Peacock TV VPN blocks with ease. 
  • Available Chrome and Firefox extensions. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Military-grade encryption that protects your data and traffic. 
  • Five simultaneous connections. 
  • DNS protection and prevention of IP leaks. 
  • A kill switch. 
  • Smart DNS feature for streaming the Winter Olympics.  

Why Does Peacock TV Block VPNs? 

It isn’t just about the 2022 Winter Olympics. Peacock TV blocks VPNs because of the copyright laws placed on the thousands of hours of media content. So, if they were to not have an anti-VPN policy, they would face countless lawsuits and legal trouble. They don’t want to risk that, but there are ways for you to bypass these blocks.  

Now when it comes to the Winter Olympics, things are even more difficult because the Winter Olympics are exclusive and very popular. Profit is expected to be made, and you need a proper VPN that actually unblocks the restrictions. Also, a good VPN has a zero-logs policy and protects you privacy.

What Does a VPN Service Offer? 

Other than letting you stream the 2022 Winter Olympics with no trouble, a VPN service has many other benefits. They include: 

Bypassing ISP Throttling 

This is essential for the Winter Olympics and streaming in general. Your ISP monitors your IP address and this determines how much bandwidth you are spending. This means that, when you cross their limit they can throttle your connection. This means that your connection becomes sluggish and really hard to navigate.

This cannot happen when watching something as exciting as the Olympics! A VPN has the perfect solution for ISP throttling. First, a VPN simply changes your IP address and that means your ISP cannot monitor you any longer. You can spend as much bandwidth as you need using a different IP address but the same Wi-Fi! Also, the VPNs we’ve recommended all have unlimited bandwidth, so you won’t face lags or any other streaming issues.  

Protection from Cyberattacks and Malware 

The other thing you should pay attention to is the importance of cybersecurity. The internet is a dark place that can harm your device and network. Things like malware can infect and corrupt your files, and even steal them for ransom. This puts you at risk when your IP address is exposed to the world. By using a VPN, you prevent things like that from happening. Our recommended VPNs have anti-malware features that will keep your devices secure.  

Encryption and Privacy  

The best VPNs use a military-grade encryption that encrypts your traffic and protects your data. They offer DNS protection and protection against IP leaks. This includes a kill switch that cuts off your connection in case the VPN stops working. You don’t need to worry about data leaks or getting exposed to vulnerable attacks. Also, VPNs have a zero-logs policy and their servers protect you from any legal consequences because they don’t log your info in any way.  

Conclusion – 2022 Winter Olympics VPN 

In order to stream the upcoming Winter Olympics covered by Peacock TV, you need to access it first. This means, you need to unblock the geo-restrictions put in place by Peacock TV. This is done by connecting to a VPN service. By getting a US IP address, you get access to Peacock TV and hence, the Winter Olympics. Enjoy the exciting Winter Olympics with our recommended VPNs!

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