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VPNArea is a top tier VPN provider at an affordable price. It is fast, secure and can bypass geo-blocks with ease. You can use VPNArea for online gaming, and downloading torrents as well.


VPNArea is a reputable and reliable VPN provider offering a complete solution for streaming, gaming, and network security. Their apps can be installed on any operating system and are very easy to use.

Although some providers struggle with unblocking major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. That’s not the case with VPNArea, it works smoothly with the biggest streaming services out there.

The company is based in Switzerland and started doing business around 2011. They have since garnered a good reputation for staying true to their no-logs policy and prioritizing user privacy.

With over 51 countries to choose from, top level encryption, and unlimited bandwidth, VPNArea has got you covered. Additionally you can rely on VPNArea to download torrents anonymously.

According to VPNArea, they are a fast and secure VPN service, but more importantly they are trustworthy. In this review I’ll dissect all the features this service has to offer and evaluate it’s performance so you can make the right call.

Does VPNArea Bypass Geo-blocks?

VPNArea Streaming
Streaming with VPNArea

VPNArea is an excellent VPN for streaming. It can bypass geo-blocks for all the major streaming services. Not only that, you get to stream in HD quality too.

There are 2 main factors that separate a good streaming VPN from a Great one. Perhaps it’s best summed up by the following questions:

  1. Does this VPN use residential IP proxies?
    The reason VPNs now require residential IP proxies is specifically for services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other major platforms. These services have been aggressively blocking VPN IPs for a while now. In order to get around that hurdle, VPNArea utilizes a residential IP proxy within their VPN service. Residential IPs are much less likely to get blocked.
  2. Does this VPN impose a bandwidth limit?
    Streaming in HD consumes a lot of network bandwidth so naturally some VPN providers limit bandwidth usage to avoid network congestion. However, this method leads to less than optimal performance and may affect your ability to stream high quality content without buffering. Luckily VPNArea offers you unlimited bandwidth with no speed throttling whatsoever.

VPNArea can certainly bypass geo-blocks and allow you to stream restricted content and live sports events on your favorite streaming platform.

Is VPNArea Optimized for Gaming?

Indeed VPNArea servers are optimized for gaming. it provides access to high speed servers with minimal lag. However, an important note here, lag and ping depend largely on the distance between the game server and the player. Therefore the optimal solution is to choose a VPN server in a strategic location between you and the game server.

Another feature that makes VPNArea great for gaming is it’s upload speed. As you may already know, upload speed is very important for online gaming, it’s not just download speed that matters. I was able to receive upload speeds of around 90 Mbps which is just fantastic news for gamers and specially live streamers.

I’ve tested Call of Duty Warzone on PC while connected to a VPNArea server. The game ran smoothly with no connection drops, no speed throttling, and no lag. My ping kept steady at around 20ms. That said, I did see some spikes in ping time on a couple of servers which could be the result of peak time network congestion.

We optimise our powerful 1+ Gbps VPN servers for streaming, gaming and downloading, thoroughly testing speed and performance daily.


All things considered, VPNArea is a good choice for gamers. However you may want to check out my best gaming VPN list for more info.

Are VPNArea Servers Fast?

Speed Test
VPNArea Speed Test

VPNArea places a lot of emphasis on speed and server optimization. They’re well aware of the fact that nobody wants to watch a pixelated movie, wait hours for a download to complete, or lag out of a game.

98% of our servers have dedicated 1 Gigabit speed port. We are the only VPN provider with real VPN servers in 55 countries. We spend big on infrastructure, high speed is the future.


Port speed refers to the bandwidth limit at which the server network resources are maxed out. For example, a 1 Gigabit speed port has a maximum throughput of 1000 Mbps which in turn is enough to accommodate a large number of users without negatively affecting performance.

Although port speed is just one of many things that factor into bandwidth speed. It’s very important to have high speed ports to avoid crowding a server which leads to lower speeds for users.

Does VPNArea Support Torrenting?

All torrent clients are supported including uTorrent, BitTorrent and many others. You can rely on VPNArea to keep your identity hidden while you download torrents anonymously. As you probably already know torrenting is illegal in many countries and can get you in some serious trouble. Secure servers with advanced leak protection will keep you anonymous throughout your online activities, whatever those are.

You can download P2P and torrents content on all our VPN servers and bandwidth is unlimited.


Speed, and P2P support are what matters when it comes to VPN torrenting. VPNArea excels in both which makes it an excellent choice for anonymous torrenting.

Is VPNArea Secure?

While many factors can impact a VPN’s security and effectiveness, perhaps the most important one is the encryption level. Which is why VPNArea utilizes the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to secure user data. Furthermore, advanced features like the kill switch, and dedicated IP option offer additional security and protection measures.

These features were developed with user privacy and security in mind, you’ll see why below.


The entire VPN concept relies on securing user data as it hops around on the network. It is then extremely important to have the strongest possible encryption for that purpose.

VPNArea uses AES-256 which is an unbreakable encryption algorithm. Until quantum computers become a common thing, no regular super computer in existence today can crack it. That’s actually not true, a super computer can crack AES-256 but it would need a couple thousand years of processing time to do so.

AES-256 is a symmetric key algorithm which means it uses one key to encrypt and decrypt messages. The key consists of 256 bits hence the name.

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature is an essential tool for protecting your privacy. If your VPN connection suddenly drops or any other technical issues occurs, the kill switch instantly disconnects your device from the internet to avoid exposing your personal and location data.

It can be particularly beneficial when downloading torrents or accessing any website you don’t wish to reveal your sensitive info to.

Enable the kill switch feature in your VPNArea app settings to ensure that you’re protected at all times and under all circumstances.

Dedicated IP and Private VPN

VPNArea as among the very few VPNs offering dedicated IPs and the only VPN that will give you your very own private VPN server.

If you need a Dedicated IP address we can offer it for as low as $20 per year. Not only you will have your own Static IP but you will get a private VPN server as bonus. We offer IPs in multiple countries, such as USA, UK, NL, AU and many others. To the best of our knowledge this is the lowest price out there and no other company offers a private VPN server as a bonus.


After ordering your dedicated IP and receiving the details you can add your IP in the VPNArea settings under the “Dedicated IP” tab. That’s all you have to do, now you just connect to it whenever you want.

Additionally VPNArea offers a free private VPN server along with every dedicated IP you purchase. You can select a private VPN server in any of the following locations:

  • USA – Dallas, Atlanta, New York, DC, LA
  • UK – London
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Canada – Montreal
  • Australia – Sydney
  •  Hong Kong

Ad Blocking and Malware Prevention

As an added benefit to your VPN subscription, you get full access to VPNArea’s ad and malware blockers. You can enable both features in your app settings.

Optionally Block Ads and stop your ISP from seeing what addresses you visit with our DNS servers.


The ad blocker successfully removes all ads from the websites you visit as well as in-video ad on platforms like YouTube.

Double VPN Servers

Double VPN servers provide an added layer of security since your traffic goes through 2 encrypted tunnels instead of just 1. If you want to be absolutely sure you’re protected while performing a sensitive task online, use one of the double VPN servers. You can connect to double VPN servers by selecting one from the app menu.

Does VPNArea work in China and UAE?

Both China and the UAE are notorious for their rigorous blocking campaigns against VPN providers. On top of that you have censorship limiting your internet freedom and activities.

Most VPN providers struggle to get their service working in heavy censorship areas. However that’s not the case here, VPNArea works in China and the UAE.

Use the obfuscation option in your app settings to bypass the Chinese firewall and UAE’s restrictions.

Does VPNArea Have a No-Logs Policy?

A no-logs policy means that the VPN company does not store any record of your online activities while connected to one of their servers. However there’s an important distinction here, the VPN company needs to store some data in order to identify you as a valid user.

Additionally they need to keep track of how many devices are active on your account so that you don’t go over the allowed limit. Such data would have nothing to do with your online activities and does not impact your privacy whatsoever.

VPNArea maintains a strict no-logs policy as privacy is one of their strongest selling points.

Is VPNArea Compatible with all Devices?

The app is available on most operating systems and is quite easy to use, even for beginners. In addition to the app, you have Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Keep in mind that browser extensions will only protect your browsing and not your entire system.

VPNArea is available on the following devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

There’s a couple of notable absences here which negatively impacts the service from a compatibility perspective. If VPNArea wants to take the next step on the VPN providers ladder, they need to work on apps for Amazon Fire TV and Smart TVs as well.

Does VPNArea Provide 24/7 Support?

24/7 live chat support is available for all users. The support team will answer all your technical, billing and other service related question. They’re very friendly and quick to respond, but most importantly they resolve issues quickly.

A good and responsive support team is a pillar for any VPN service aspiring to make a name for itself in the market. VPNArea understands that and it shows in their dedication to customer satisfaction.

How Much Does a VPNArea Subscription Cost?

VPNArea Pricing
VPNArea Pricing

VPNArea has 3 subscription plans available:

  • 1 Month (Recurring) for $6.93 per month.
  • 12 Months (Recurring) for $3.44 per month.
  • 24 Months (Non-recurring) for $3.21 per month.

It’s among the cheapest elite VPN providers out there and the only VPN offering a non-recurring subscription option. Furthermore, the 12 and 24 months subscription plans include a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee while the 1 month plan has a 14-Day Money-Back guarantee.

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to payment options. You can pay with credit cards, Bitcoins, PayPal, WebMoney and many other payment gateways.

VPNArea Payment Methods
VPNArea Payment Methods


VPNArea is an excellent choice for streaming, gaming, and security. It offers a high quality service at a relatively low price, much lower than other top providers. You can download the app on your preferred device. It’s very easy to use and includes advanced features like the kill switch, ad blocker, malware blocker, double VPN, and obfuscation.

With 55+ countries to choose from, you can pretty much unblock any website or streaming service out there. I’ve tested VPNArea and can confirm it works with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, ESPN+ and many other broadcasters.

All in all, VPNArea is a great value for money deal.

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