If you have been actively playing Valorant, you would know that Episode 2 Act 2 is expected to end in a few days. For those that are new or planning to jump into Valorant, it simply means that new content is coming soon. Currently, Episode 2 Act 2 is expected to end on the 20th of April 2021. Therefore, it is expected that the upcoming Valorant Update (Episode 2 Act 3) will arrive on the next day or at least within a few days after Act 2 ends. Here we will update you on the latest news in regard to Valorant!

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Valorant Update: Episode 2 Act 3 Leaks

Not a lot has been leaked regarding the next act. However, one thing for certain is that we will be getting a new map and a new agent. Currently, there’s no info regarding the new agent. But some people have noticed a few things that could be related to the new map. If you check the content for the current Battle Pass, you will see a “Lost at Sea” logo at Tier 48.

Valorant Update Leaks

Previously, Valorant Leaks on Twitter discovered that the new map is given a codename “Foxtrot”. A loading music for the new map had also been leaked and it is assumed that it will have a tropical/exotic theme. The speculation now is that the music, and “Lost at Sea” logo suggests that the new map is somewhere within the Bermuda Triangle. Other than that, everything regarding the next act is pretty much still unknown.

Valorant Update Leaks


As usual with each Act, Valorant will introduce a new agent and battle pass content. Act 1 had introduced Yoru, the trickster agent that specializes in faking out opponents and repositioning at a moment’s notice. In Act 2 we are introduced to Astra, the 15th playable agent in Valorant. She is a Controller-type character that specializes in controlling the flow of the game by blocking the enemy’s line of sight.

Valorant Update: Astra

For the new and returning players, here is a simple breakdown of Astra’s skills:

Astra’s Skills

  • Gravity Well (C – 1 charge): This skill will create a blackhole on the surface that will pull nearby players towards its center. After a while, the blackhole will detonate and applies a debuff to players in it (2x damage). This ability is extremely useful to disrupt enemy movement.
  • Nova Pulse (Q – 1 charge): When activated, this ability will stun all players inside it after a brief delay. The radius for Nova Pulse is quite big and it is a great combination with Gravity Well.
  • Nebula (E – 2 charges): An ability that allows Astra to place up to two hollowed smoke at once. A staple skill for a controller. This skill is comparable to Omen’s own smoke. The difference is that Astra’s smoke is more shallow and slightly wider.
  • Astral Form/Cosmic Divide (X): Astral Form allows Astra to fly up and see the map to place her abilities. Meanwhile, Cosmic Divide will create a huge wall across the map after a short delay.

However, it should be noted that Astra’s abilities work differently compared to other agents. Her abilities cannot be bought directly from the shop. Instead, they use a currency called Stars that costs 200 credits each to activate. Every round Astra can store up to 5 stars. These stars can be used to place her skills even before the round starts. After placing a star, Astra can also cancel it back by pressing F.

For now, Astra is considered an S tier for a controller agent. She outshines Omen and Brimstone in select scenarios and is a top pick for most pro teams in all the different regions.

Valorant Update: Patch 2.07

Before Episode 2 Act 3 arrives, Valorant had recently (very recently) been given patch V2.07. The update contains some tweaks for the existing agents and a lot of bug fixes. Out of all the agents, Astra probably benefitted the most from this patch. Here we will briefly go through some of the highlights in patch 2.07.


Astra’s Gravity Well ability will now be able to pull agents that are defusing spikes. If that agent is pulled out of the defuse range, the defuse will automatically be interrupted. Riot says that the reason for this is to give players some more interesting options for post-plant.


If you have played against Raze before you would know that they like to fly using their Blast Packs. You would hear the ability go off and then they would just appear out of nowhere. Just like Jett’s Tailwind ability, Riot decided to place an audio trail whenever Raze flies. This allows opposing player to somehow track Raze’s movement as she flies. Also, the patch says that the VFX for her abilities have also been adjusted to be less obstructing during combat.


After receiving numerous reports from players, Riot discovered a bug tied to Viper’s decay. The most common variation of this bug is the interaction between decay and Marshall. When a decayed enemy is shot using the Marshall, it will only reduce their HP to 1 instead of killing them. Riot says they will continue to monitor this fix as it rolls out. However, this is good news for Viper mains.


After patch 2.07, Riot have decided to remove Yoru’s ability to plant spikes while using his Gatecrash. This certainly removes some play options for Yoru mains but nothing too drastic to deter Yoru mains from playing him.

Other than that, the content of patch 2.07 consists of minor balance and various quality of life updates. These changes are definitely welcomed but you should always keep in the recent change affecting some agents especially in ranked.

Valorant Update: Champions Tour 2021

If you are not familiar with Valorant’s competitive scene, it is quite easy to get things mixed up and lose track of things. Regardless, if you really want to get into the competitive scene then you should keep your eyes focused on the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021. This is the first official tournament circuit held by Riot Games themselves. The circuit was announced last year on November 24th, 2020.

Champions Tour cover
Champions Tour cover

According to the info posted by Riot, The Champions Tour will consist of three levels of competition. These are Challengers, Masters, and finally Champions. In Challengers, teams will compete to qualify themselves to proceed to Masters. It should be noted that Challengers will occur across different regions. From there, the best in each region will compete in the Masters to get a spot in Champions.

Challengers and Masters event will occur throughout 2021. Masters will be held three times a year while Champions is scheduled for the end of the year. Due to the current pandemic situation, some aspect of the circuit is affected. Challenger will be held online, while Masters will be a regional only event. Riot says they will continue to monitor the current situation and will follow-up with any necessary announcement.

Currently, the Challenger event had already started across the globe. There will be three tournaments and a final in each Challenger Stage that is estimated to happen over six weeks. Eight teams will participate in each tournament and battle to earn their spots to qualify for the Masters event.

Challenger Timeline

After the third and final Masters event, a series of Last Chance Qualifier will be held. This is to provide teams with a final chance to qualify themselves into champions. There will be four Last Chance Qualifier which concludes before the start of Champions.

Challenger Qualification

Valorant Update – Conclusion

We hope that the article has given you an insight on what is happening around and within Valorant as of today. It is never too late or too early to get yourself into the game. Whether you’re taking a casual approach or a more serious one while following the e-sports scene closely, everyone deserves to enjoy the game in their own way and pace. It is still early for Valorant and more things will certainly come to the game. If you ask me, now is definitely the best time to jump into the game. Good luck agent.

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