The Covid-19 pandemic has altered how we interact, both in person and via online channels. From social exchanges to corporate meetings, everything is dependent on the use of a secure online network. A large portion of global companies has shifted their physical operations to virtual alternatives. Remote working has become very common globally, which has presented managers with various challenges. Cyber threats have become more common. Here are some ways the ongoing global crisis has impacted the cybercrime landscape.

1. The Connection Between Online Mediums

When the pandemic began, most companies shifted their official meetings to zoom. The employees working remotely used multiple devices and operating systems to use zoom. If any of these devices are also used to access your private social media accounts, you could become the target of online criminal activity. Hackers may use your personal information to formulate targeted attacks or drain your financial resources. To avoid these risks, employees, as well as managers, need to privatize their online interactions and host meetings in an encrypted setting.

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2. Surge in Online Shopping

When the lockdown prevented people from leaving their homes, it increased their dependence on online shopping. Online marketplaces have multiplied their profits during the pandemic due to the exponential increase in on-site traffic. These opportunities also attracted cybercriminals to the e-commerce landscape. They invested time and resources to masquerade as authentic sellers or intermediaries and exploited buyers’ vulnerabilities. Antivirus plans and reviews can be very helpful when it comes to keeping your personal data safe from criminals.

3. The Ease of Targeting

The online presence of corporate employees on their private networks has made them easy targets for cyber threats. By running limited background searches, a hacker can easily connect a user’s personal life with their corporate life. The accuracy of criminal target-setting continues to improve in 2022, which poses a serious threat to remote workers worldwide.
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