There are plenty of VPNs in the market for you to choose from, but some distinguish themselves from others. These VPNs provide the best offers for their services.  We’re mainly talking about SurfShark and CyberGhost – two VPNs that have been competing with one another for some time now.

Let’s look at their common features and what sets them apart.

Common Features

Keep in mind that CyberGhost is an industry veteran while Surfshark is a relative newbie.

Security and encryption

Both services offer great security features to protect users.  Although generally, most VPN’s offer top of the line encryption to secure user IP address.


Both VPNs cater to the privacy requirement of users trying to stay anonymous.  They both have no log policies for user activity to hide their true identities on the Internet reliably.

Streaming And Downloading

Streaming and downloading through either VPN is a great choice. The services offer super-fast speeds for uninterpreted content viewing and downloading while users stay secure over the network, including shared networks.

Simple UI And Use

Both VPNs use a minimalist layout for user access and simple displays.  This makes the apps easy to use, especially for those new to VPNs.

Pricing And Plans

Both companies have a wide variety of plans with all bells and whistles, some different and some alike.  They offer more features than other VPNs and are priced at a low cost of $2 and up.

Geo Locks And Other Restrictions

They both provide extensive access to new content and platforms in streaming and gaming alike.  Users are given quick access to Geo-restricted or Geo locked websites in games nearly throughout the globe with their unblocking features.

Customer Support

As companies who know how to treat their customers right, both offer 24/7 customer support access. They also provide useful FAQs for users who need quick guidance.

Surfshark Vs. Cyberghost

Just like they have strong points in common, they also lack in a few areas.


Fewer servers

With fewer servers around the globe, Surfshark offers less variety than CyberGhost.  Surfshark offers almost 3000 servers to users worldwide, while CyberGhost offers more than 7000.

Social Media Profile

Surfshark has a lower social media activity and presence, making it harder for users to get in touch with them.



Cyber ghost users have experienced speed lags from time to time while using services like Netflix. Overtime, the VPN’s overall speeds have dropped, likely because of the overcrowded servers.  However, Surfshark provides better reception by comparison.

Overall, it’s hard to say, but Surfshark comes out on top. But it’s safe to say that if you have either VPN, you’re in good hands.

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