In this article we will talk about the newly announced PUBG New State and what it is about. PUBG New State is launching on mobile and some say that it is a sequel to the existing PUBG Mobile. But is it really? Before we dive deeper into New State let us take a brief look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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PUBG – The Begining

PUBG is an online battle royale game published and developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary within the company Bluehole. The game initially launched for PC via Steam in March 2017. Later, it was released for the Xbox One followed by the PS4 port in 2018. Launching alongside the PS4 port was PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play version of the game available on iOS and Android.

PUBG New State

At the end of 2020, PUBG managed to sell over 70 million copies for both its PC and console version. As for PUBG Mobile, by March 2021 it had reached a total of 1 billion downloads and grossing over $4.3 billion on both iOS and Android. Although both the PC/console and mobile version shares the same name and concept, they are not developed by the same company.

Unlike the original PUBG that was developed by PUBG Corporation, its mobile version is developed by an internal division within Tencent through the agreement of both Bluehole and Tencent. The subsidiary within Tencent that worked on the mobile version is LightSpeed & Quantum Studio. Although it was developed by a different studio, the mobile version managed to replicate the same atmosphere within the game and was considered to be a huge success. The mobile version was so successful that in some parts of the world, the e-sport scene for PUBG Mobile is flourishing far better than its bigger counterpart.

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PUBG New State

In 2021, it was announced that another variant of PUBG will be coming to the mobile platforms. However, Tencent will not be the one to oversee this project. But instead, the original developer PUBG Corporations will be the one to develop this new variant titled PUBG: New State. Not a lot of information regarding New State is made known to the public. But for now, PUBG: New State is available for pre-registration on Google Play and as of March 2021, it had surpassed 5 million pre-registrations. For iOS devices, the developer announced that pre-registration will happen at a later date.

During the announcement of New State, many assumed that it is a direct sequel to PUBG Mobile. However, it has been confirmed that it is in fact not a sequel. The developer mentioned that they would like to add more features and improve on the graphical aspects of the game on the mobile platform. Even though the game runs great on capable hardware, it is far from pretty and this will be one of the main focus areas for New State through the use of Global Illumination to deliver a more realistic graphical outlook. Now that we have established the foundations for PUBG New State’s release, we will discuss all that we currently know regarding the game itself.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State VS PUBG Mobile

Since both will be launching on the same platform, it is only natural to compare. Due to the lack of information, it is impossible to provide an in-depth comparison between the two. But for now, we do know that the developer wishes to upgrade the graphical fidelity for PUBG: New State. Other than that, it is also mentioned that new mechanics will be added into the game. This includes weapon customization kits for weapon adjustments and adding attachments. Drones will also be available presumably to allow players to survey their surroundings and mark other players on the map. During a fight, players will also be able to perform combat roll to avoid incoming bullets. More features could be coming, but until then this is all we know regarding the new mechanics for PUBG New State.

As for the format of the game, it is safe to assume that PUBG New State will retain the same battle-royale format it is known for. Groups or individual players will come parachuting from a plane and onto the battlefield where they will compete to be the last player standing. Currently, PUBG Mobile can accommodate up to 100 players for each session. However, it is still unknown whether PUBG New State will do the same or not. It all depends on the size of the new map in New State.

Maps in PUBG New State

Currently there are multiple maps in PUBG Mobile. However, it is not known if New State will be accommodating multiple maps at launch. Not a lot of info is available regarding maps in New State. But the developers have provided a few pieces of information. Unlike the current PUBG, the map in New State will be set in a more futuristic 2051. The map will be called TROI and it will have a lot of landmarks as well as interactable objects. It is said that these interactable objects will help players deploy new types of strategies in-game.


Release Date For PUBG New State

The exact release date for New State has not been announced at the time we’re writing this article. However, developers have confirmed that it will be coming in 2021 for both iOS and Android. For Android users, you can now pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store. By doing so, you will be sent a notification when the game is available for download and an exclusive vehicle skin once the game launches.

The developers mentioned that an alpha test will be conducted in select countries during the second quarter of 2021. For those of you that are interested to participate in the alpha test, you can visit their official website for more info.

Phone Specification

For now, the official system requirements to run PUBG: New State are yet to be revealed. The only related info made available is on the game’s Google Play Store page. There it is mentioned that it will require Android 6.0 or later with 2.5GB RAM or more. The currently available PUBG Mobile is already demanding for a lot of phones. It even reached a point where a Lite version was introduced for less capable devices. With the developer planning to increase the graphical fidelity for PUBG: New State, we can safely assume that it will also require a powerful smartphone or tablet to run smoothly.

PUBG New State – The Bottom Line

A few years ago, the mobile platform (Android/iOS) was never a focus for game developers. But since then, many games have successfully raked in profits that could compete with the bigger platforms in the gaming industry. Even e-sports started to crawl into the mobile space with battle royale style games being among the most popular. This is evident with the presence of Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and the coming Apex Legends in the mobile space. PUBG Mobile has seen great success so far, but it also has its own share of issues. The biggest being the fact that it is actually banned in some countries especially India. With the announcement of PUBG: New State, hopefully things will turn out better for the IP in this platform.

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