The announcement of Counter-Strike 2 has brought disappointment to Call of Duty enthusiasts who are keen on seeing elements from CSGO 2 featured in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Valve quashed speculation about the upcoming CSGO title when they declared that Counter-Strike 2 will be released in the Summer of 2023. FPS fans cheered at the announcement, and it looks like the franchise will remain one of the most successful video games around with the release of CSGO 2.

The developers unveiled some of the new modifications and additions they have planned for the Counter-Strike 2 series. This led to an air of excitement among fans who were looking forward to the map updates, smoke changes, and sub-tick servers.

Players of Counter-Strike appeared to be captivated by the new features of the game, and Call of Duty fans were no exception as they discussed the reveal on Reddit.

Players contrasted the inclusion of fresh aspects in Counter-Strike 2 with the absence of such components in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Disappointment was shown at the absence of what they perceived to be the “essential” components of the current Call of Duty experience.

Valve has focused on the tick rate for Counterstrike 2, making it an important element of the game.

In light of the rollout of sub-tick servers in CSGO 2, the initiator of the thread asked that those who are fans of MW2 should no longer use the “poor network in CoD” as an excuse.

In a nutshell, sub-tick servers involve the eradication of the tick rates between the actions a gamer performs during gameplay. These servers are capable of swiftly and seamlessly processing a player’s movements.

The outcome of this is superior interactive gaming, where your commands are immediately reflected on the screen, providing a very responsive experience.

A look at the feedback from Call of Duty fans reveals their sentiment that there is much to be done in the way of Call of Duty servers improvements.

One player expressed their frustration regarding the low quality of CoD’s servers, remarking that “it’s a pity that connection isn’t given more consideration. It is the most critical element of an online game, yet Activision and IW simply won’t repair their mess.”

A gamer highlighted that resolving server and connection concerns in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is not limited to Valve. To which another person replied, “You’re overlooking the fact that Valve really cares.”

Although the majority of the attention was on the server news, other fans of Call of Duty lauded the new smoke mechanics of Counter-Strike 2, with one saying: “The CS2 smoke is so good, I need it right away!”

The likelihood of any significant alterations to the server occurring during Modern Warfare 2’s Season is low, though there is hope that CoD 2023 will bring the changes desired.

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