Modern-day internet users love free things, from free trials and Wi-Fi to software and VPNs. While users don’t expect perfection for the things they get for free, they must ensure their purpose is fulfilled. So, when choosing between a free VPN and a Paid VPN, there are a lot of factors a user must consider.

With millions of VPN users worldwide, most might use free services, but do they get in the way of their online activities? The best VPNs ensure user activity and identity are kept completely anonymous, but several loopholes exist. The fate of an internet user depends upon their choice of opting for a free vs. paid VPN.

This article will highlight some major differences between the two, allowing readers to choose the best option.

Data Security

Data is the important thing in today’s highly technology-driven world. It can be sold for millions and prove disastrous in the wrong hands. While using a free VPN, companies track the user’s online activity and then sell their data to third-party buyers, making money for themselves in the process.

This is why it’s best to opt for a paid version. Using a free VPN is as good as not using one at all.


Like any other software or app, free versions of a VPN are constantly bombarded with advertisements, interrupting users’ streaming and browsing experience. VPN companies monetize by running these advertisements to make up for their free services.

What’s more, some advertisements can be malicious bad contain viruses. Hence, it’s best to stick to paid versions to avoid these issues.

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Limited Features

To experience and use all the features offered by a VPN, users must choose a paid version of the service. The paid version offers access to all features such as zero log policy, high speed, multiple servers, etc., and ensures users get their money’s worth.

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