The use of VPNs for gaming has become mainstream in the past few years. Gamers from across the spectrum are electing to use a VPN for gaming. From streamers, to gamers looking to gain a competitive advantage, everyone is gaming with a VPN. When it comes to gaming with a VPN, the most important factors are bandwidth speed, and latency. The objective of this article is to determine once and for all, which VPN is the fastest VPN for gaming.

Quick Summary: Fastest VPN For Gaming

If you’re in a hurry and just want to get our test results, here’s our list of top 5 fastest VPNs for gaming:

NordVPN: Is the fastest VPN for gaming. We tested the bandwidth speed and latency on several servers. Testing on a 100 Mbps connection, NordVPN clocks in at 84 Mbps with a 90 ms latency or ping. That’s perfect for playing competitive online games with a VPN.

Private Internet Access: The second fastest VPN on our list. On a 100 Mbps connection, we recorded around 73 Mbps download speed with a 112 ms ping. That’s very good for gaming, you won’t experience noticeable lag under 150ms latency.

CyberGhost: In third place, CyberGhost was able to give us around 62 Mbps speed and 120 ms latency on average. Not the best, but still a viable option for gaming with minimal lag.

ExpressVPN: In fourth place, ExpressVPN got around 68 Mbps download speed and 123 ms ping. Although a bit more expensive than other VPNs, you can definitely game on such speeds.

Surfshark: In fifth place, Surfshark recorded around 55 Mbps speed and 150 ms latency on average. Granted, it’s not the best but you can still use it for gaming and save some extra money while you’re at it since it’s a bit cheaper.

Fastest VPN For Gaming Test

Finding the fastest VPN for gaming can be a bit tricky considering how many VPNs are out there. While VPNs are very versatile and can be used for a number of different tasks, our objective in this article is test the viability of using these VPNs for gaming purposes. Which is why we focused our testing on 2 factors only, bandwidth speed, and latency.

The table below shows the results we got from testing the 5 most popular VPNs on the market. We did the testing on a 100 Mbps connection. In order to get the average speed and average ping, we performed our test on several servers in different regions of the world.

VPNAverage SpeedAverage Ping
NordVPN84 Mbps95 ms
Private Internet Access73 Mbps112 ms
CyberGhost62 Mbps120 ms
ExpressVPN68 Mbps123 ms
Surfshark55 Mbps150 ms

If you’re looking for more detailed info about these VPNs, read on to see what our tests have revealed.


NordVPN Fastest VPN For Gaming

Our tests have shown that NordVPN is the fastest VPN for gaming. Aside from recording bandwidth speed and ping which you can see in the table above, we also tested NordVPN in action with multiple games including Call of Duty Warzone, Valorant, League of Legends, NBA 2K22, and more! We’ve also done a full analysis on using NordVPN for gaming.

Furthermore, NordVPN has a vast server network spread across the globe. You’ll be able to find the location you desire without experiencing any noticeable lag, even during peak hours. You can install NordVPN on your PC or router. If you game on a console, you’ll need to configure the VPN on your router since consoles don’t allow native VPN apps.

Private Internet Access

PIA Gaming Speed Test

In second place, we have Private Internet Access. Although not the fastest, PIA showed some real potential with it’s speed and ping test. We played a few games while connected to PIA servers and it all went great with virtually no lag.

Additionally, PIA has a very user friendly app with a bunch of extra features that can come in handy while streaming, downloading torrents, or just private web browsing. On top of that, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


CyberGhost Fastest VPN For Gaming

In third place, CyberGhost is actually pretty good for gaming. We were able to play multiplayer games in different regions while connected to CyberGhost’s dedicated gaming servers. It’s one of the few VPNs that offer dedicated gaming servers with low latency optimization. We’ve tested CyberGhost for gaming in detail with all it’s features, check it out!

In addition to being a fast gaming VPN, CyberGhost is also one of the cheapest high-quality VPNs on the market. Also, you have a 45 day refund window just in case.


Play online games with ExpressVPN

In fourth place, ExpressVPN offers a high quality service. Unfortunately though, when it comes to gaming it’s outperformed by the VPNs ahead of it on this list. That said, we were able to play online games without much of a hassle, it’s definitely viable, there are just better options out there.

ExpressVPN can be easily configured on your router so you can use it for your Xbox or PS5 games. Additionally, if you’re into streaming, ExpressVPN offers one of the best smart DNS features, you can set it up directly on your streaming device or console.


Play online games with Surfshark

In fifth place, Surfshark somewhat disappointed. However, it’s still a viable VPN for gaming. It’s not the fastest, but it’s fast enough to play online games. We encountered some significant lag while testing Surfshark. However, that’s only on servers that are very far from our real location. On average though, you could do better.

The enticing thing about Surfshark is it’s price. Currently considered to be on the cheap end of VPN subscriptions, yet delivering a decent quality for low latency gaming.

Fastest VPN For Gaming – Conclusion

Figuring out which VPN is the fastest VPN for gaming is a hassle, we know. That’s why we did some testing and came up with a list of the top 5 fastest VPNs for gaming that money can buy. We tested the most popular VPNs available and ranked them according to bandwidth speed, and latency.

Save yourself some time and money by referring to our list.

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