Epic Games have let the public know of Fortnite Crew Pack for April and the date it is launching. This month-to-month subscription has been around for two years and has been welcomed by many gamers. It contains some advantages, mainly a skin that solely belongs to those subscribed to Fortnite Crew.

The fourth season of Fortnite has kicked off this month with a cyberpunk-inspired setting, filled with Japanese-style architecture and rail grinding. Noteworthy additions to the game include crossovers with Resident Evil and Attack on Titan, plus a new weapon, the Kinetic Blade Katana, which has become very popular. This weapon is said to have added a new dimension to the game.

On March 31 at roughly 8 PM ET, Fortnite Crew members will have access to the April content. This month, players will be able to wreak havoc with the Triarch Nox skin, which is bundled with the Midnight Aegis Back Bling, Starlit Sai Pickaxe, and Noxious Wrap. In addition to the aforementioned items, the subscription includes the Photonic Legacy Set, featuring the Photonic Striker Pickaxe which evolves over time. Moreover, the Fortnite Crew subscription also involves the active battle pass and an allocation of 1,000 V-Bucks that can be used to purchase various items from the Fortnite store.

The release of Season 2 of Fortnite has been met with excitement due to the launch of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). This powerful tool gives users the capability to make complete maps and experiences within the game. Some of the most impressive creations that have been shared on social media include the recreation of Fortnite‘s original map, bringing a popular version of the island back to Chapter 4. After seeing what players were able to do with the new editor, Epic Games took action to limit the extent to which Fortnite can be changed, mainly to avoid copyright infringement.

The never-ending flow of new content for Fortnite players continues with the release of Fortnite Crew, which offers a variety of skins and cosmetics that are designed to please a large variety of players. Among them, those who favor a darker look will find the April pack especially attractive.

Fortnite can be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and the latest Xbox Series X/S.

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