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Bright Data is a high-performance proxy provider. One of the best solutions available on the market today. We were impressed with features like the Web Unblocker, Search Engine Crawler, and Data Collector. Furthermore, Bright Data’s proxy manager, API documentation, and technical support makes it very user-friendly and easy to manage on any platform.

You can start with a free trial for some features. After that, the price for your Bright Data proxies will vary depending on your specific needs and required resources.


Bright Data is a premium proxy provider that provides thousands of proxies and millions of IP addresses worldwide. You might wonder why you might need millions of IP addresses. Well, if you work in business, finance, marketing, and many other domains, data collection, marketing, and keeping up with competition are essential for your success.

A proxy provider gives you access to a proxy server that helps you collect data in a reliable and efficient manner. Also, a premium proxy provider like Bright Data has other features like a web unblocker, data collector, and a search engine crawler that can help you scrape all the data you might need.  

But before diving into details, let’s start off with a question: What is a proxy server?

What is a proxy server?

A proxy, meaning standing on behalf of the other, is a barrier between the server provider and the client. A proxy server acts as a gateway in the connection between your computer or device and the internet. This is done when the proxy takes your request and requests it on behalf of you to the webserver.

It basically acts as a translator of traffic between networks so that it provides functionality and security. This all comes down to what exactly you need from the proxy server. You might use it for your businesses depending on your company policies, or for personal use.

A well-known and decent proxy provider is Bright Data. This proxy server has excellent infrastructure, several proxy types, protocols, and unique features which we will discuss in this article.  

How Does a Proxy Server Work?

An intermediary is something that acts as a middle-man between two things. This is what a proxy server is. It is the server that is in the middle between your computer, and any requests that your computer sends across the web.

What’s the use for this? Well, when a proxy server intercepts your web requests, it changes your computer’s IP address. This means that your location is not visible to anything or anyone across the web.

According to Fortinet, proxy servers are a vital part of network security. One of the many uses of a proxy network is for filtering traffic or as a firewall. Such a setup protects devices behind the proxy network, shielding users from harmful content or malicious software.

That said, a proxy network can be used for a lot more than security and firewall protection. We will discuss many use cases for Bright Data’s proxies and features, but first, let’s examine Bright Data and their place in the proxy provider market.

What Is Bright Data?

Bright data formerly known as “Limunati” is dominating the industry of proxies for a good reason. The former “Limunati” proxy provider rebranded because of the close association of its name with the Illuminati secret society, which is unfortunate and was bad for business. Therefore, the new name is Bright Data, which suits the proxy provider because of its excellent features.  

The thing about Bright Data is that it has bypassed the mere meaning of proxies, and is now a data collection system. It not only acts as a proxy provider of endless proxies and protocols worldwide, but it has built itself an infrastructure that has won it the Best Proxy Ecosystem Award. Impressive, we know. 

Bright Data is also known for its ethical promotion of proxies, and its refusal to resell proxies. It also requires a Know Your Customer process that acts as yet another ethical and private feature. Among all of this, Bright Data also has a variety of features that differentiate it from other proxy providers. 

Bright Data Features

Let us start with Bright Data’s proxy-based tools. These tools work to return your data with a 100% success rate. This means that when you send any web request, you get your data back with accurate reporting. There are two proxy-based tools: The Web Unblocker, and the Search Engine Crawler.  

Bright Data Autonomous Web Unblocker

Bright Data Web Unblocker

As mentioned before, Bright Data offers excellent infrastructure. The Bright Data Unblocker builds upon the provider’s proxy infrastructure and gives you some new and unique features. This service takes your request, chooses the suitable IP address based on the server’s requirements, and gives you the requested data after getting a response.

Not only does this help you bypass some geo-blocked websites, but it also masks the chosen IP address by hiding the fingerprints, cookies, and any other identifiers. This relieves you from all the heavy lifting: all you have to do is send the data request.

The Web Unblocker provides access to the most difficult targets and websites. It has a high success rate, MI technology, and you don’t need to have any coding knowledge. With this feature, you can gain access to any geo-restricted website, app, or data.

The reason Bright Data’s Web Unblocker has such a high success rate is because they use residential and ISP proxies. When using such proxy types, the proxy appears to be a legitimate user with a legitimate IP address assigned by an actual ISP in the area. That makes it extremely difficult for websites to block you, therefore you can enjoy full access.

Bright Data Search Engine Crawler

Bright Data Search Engine Crawler

The search engine crawler marks as a suitable option for some data collection, web scraping and marketing-oriented work. You can scroll through keywords and search results users get with this option from all major search engines with high precision and accuracy no matter how enormous your requests get.

It basically returns any requested data from any search engine. The engine crawler allows you to customize anything, and to target specific locations. With Bright Data, you can choose which country AND which city you want to target. Marketing could not get any easier with this Bright Data feature.

The search engine crawler is ideal for businesses looking to gain an advantage in search engine rankings. With this feature, you can query any search engine from any country with an unlimited number of keywords and get the results in the format of your choosing. If you’ve done any SEO work before, you’ll know how valuable this data is. You can analyze and use the search engine crawler data to improve your keyword research, market research, content plan, marketing plan and so much more.

Bright Data Collector

Bright Data's Data Collector

Bright data collector acts as yet another web-scraper. If you want to collect data from anywhere on the web, this data collector will do the job for you. You don’t have to do any coding, or build a proxy infrastructure. All you have to do is select which data you need, and where you want it delivered.

You get to customize and choose everything about where and how your data is delivered. The Bright Data Collector also holds some excellent machine learning prerecorded datasets that can help you spot some trends, people, influencers, and company records.

This is actually an excellent market research tool that saves you a whole lot of research and time for better future business decisions and provides you better competitive advantage in your market.

Marketing campaigns can be very tricky, it can feel like you’re just guessing or waiting for a lucky break. You can take more control over your marketing campaigns with this data collector. This feature from Bright Data allows you to scrape data from any website or social media platform and format that data for analysis. This is a huge advantage for marketers, you can study the data and look for patterns, trends, and other indicators before deciding on a marketing strategy.

Bright Data Proxy Types

We’ve already talked about how Bright Data has endless proxies located around the world. Well, there are also several types of proxies that this proxy provider offers. They are: Datacenter proxies, Residential proxies, ISP proxies, and Mobile Proxies.  

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are one of Bright Data’s strongest features. Bright Data has over 72 million IP address worldwide. And yes, worldwide means every single country and thousands of cities. If you want to use this proxy provider for location targeting, you won’t face any bit of trouble.  

The thing about Bright data is that all of its IP addresses come from real mobile and PC users. This means that millions upon millions of IP addresses are active around the world, and in Bright Data’s grip. This happens because Bright Data can make use of people’s IP addresses with the terms & conditions loophole. By not reading those terms, these providers can make use of your IP to reroute other people’s data. This doesn’t affect you in any way, but it means that the number of IP addresses available at Bright Data may vary.  

However, Bright Data has provided a unique 3 to 30 residential addresses per user, so that you won’t face trouble with the aforementioned variation.

ISP Proxies

ISP proxies are proxies that are registered with an internet service provider. This acts as a better way to trick websites into believing the IP addresses are legit. Bright Data now has 110,000 ISP proxies available. You can use these proxies if you don’t want to use shared residential proxies or if you run out of the personalized ones.

Datacenter Proxies

Bright Data Datacenter Proxies

The Bright Data Datacenter proxies offer both shared and dedicated IP addresses. There are over 770,000 addresses across 3,000 subnets. You will not run out of IP addresses when using Bright Data. The shared datacenter proxies rotate, and you get to choose if you want to use them or not.

With the private datacenter proxies, however, there is no rotation by default. However, when using the proxy manager, you can customize and set up your own rotation rules and timings. By selecting the private proxies, you also select which domain you want to access. This limits the proxies to these specific domains, so that they’re exclusive to the domain you selected.  

Mobile Proxies

If datacenter proxies and residential proxies are not enough for your needs, then mobile proxies are better-suited. These proxies work on harder targets like Instagram. Bright Data offers 7 million IPs from 3G and 4G mobile devices.

The thing about Bright Data is that it offers excellent control with its proxies. With Mobile Proxies, you can target any country and thousands of cities. Also, rotation is available, and 3-30 IP address are available for your own personal use.

Datacenter Vs. Residential Proxies

Datacenter: Datacenter Proxies are mostly applicable for people searching for: 

  • Proxies for simple less protected websites. Datacenter Proxies are easily detected by websites. So, you shouldn’t consider a datacenter IP address for Instagram or Google for example.  
  • Faster Proxies: Since everything is located in a single datacenter, there is more bandwidth which gives you an abundance of speed. 
  • Stable Proxies: Since Datacenter don’t rely on users, then the unpredictability rate decreases.  

Residential Proxies however, suit people and businesses looking for: 

  • Protected websites access. Web scraping websites with extra protection would make you want to consider Residential proxies more. 
  • Location varieties: If you’re looking for a variety of located IPs, then the residential proxies are better suited.  
  • Easier usage: Residential proxies are simpler and user friendly. The issue with Datacenters is that one blocking might block a bunch of other operating proxies creating a major conflict.  

Other Bright Data Features 

Bright Data Proxy Manager

Bright Data proxy manager is a feature that allows you to manage the proxy networks. You can use this feature to enable rotation for residential and datacenter proxies. It also allows you to chooser protocols and other configuration settings.

There are other features within this feature:  

  1. Waterfall routing: Which addresses you to the cheapest proxy server whenever you create a request and points out to others if the request fails. This is extremely cost efficient since it combines data center, residential and mobile IP proxies. 
  2. Request Viewer: This service allows you to browse through the requests sent to a specific proxy and monitor its logs. 
  3. Reduce bandwidth: to decrease traffic and hence reduce bandwidth use.  

Bright Data API

If you are a programmer, you might make use of Bright Data’s API. It is one of the most efficient API’s in the market. Basically, you can use it to manage your proxy servers and features through an app, web application or any other program.

The Bright Data API is stable, reliable, and easy to use. You’ll find documentation for every function, how to use it, and a sample of what the response should look like. Additionally, if you face any issues with the API, you can ask one of Bright Data’s support engineers for help.

A support engineer will guide you through the issue or even connect remotely to your PC and solve the problem for you.

Bright Data KYC Policy

The Know Your Customer policy roots out all the malicious users that might want to cause harm. This means that you won’t find scammers and random users on the proxy provider. This feature is extremely unique because many proxy providers bother their users with non-serious users that spam the proxies and use them for malicious reasons.

Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension

Bright Data has a proxy browser extension that works on Google Chrome. It integrates its proxies with Chrome, and you have the option of switching IPs from different places in the world through websites extensions.

This is even associated with Incognito Mode which makes you skip all of the cookies and could be even applied with the previously stated Proxy Manager.

Bright Data Customer Service

Besides all features and technical topics, Bright data has also proven some outstanding results in customer’s services. Their service consists of a 24/7 customer help center, service enhancement based on customers’ requirements, simple instruction from engineers on how to use Bright Data, and a dashboard with all their services for simpler and oriented listing. They also have blogs and FAQs that answer all of your inquires.

Bright Data Uses in Different Businesses

If you’re not yet convinced, we’ve collected a list of jobs with how you can use Bright Data with them.

  • In finance, banks or investment firms collect alternative data to validify their investments. They can do so by using Bright Data’s Data Collector and Data Sets. The data sets provide them with already existing data collections, and they can send their own requests through the data collector feature. 
  • In insurance, insurance companies collect data to estimate different levels of dangers. To do so, they can use a proxy network, data collector, data sets, and unblocker. All of these features help the insurance companies gain access to blocked websites and data. 
  • In marketing, in order to find where they stand, marketing agents can use Bright Data’s search engine crawler. Also, data collector is useful and efficient for data scraping. 
  • In real estate, in order to evaluate a property listing, a real estate agent can use the data collector, the datasets and unblocker to collect data about that listing.  

Conclusion – Bright Data Review

Bright data (Luminati) is a great choice for businesses or users working on delicate operations or marketing purposes. With Bright Data’s features and high-performance proxy networks, you can scrape data in any format from any website. You can also use Bright Data’s web unblocker to access restricted websites and apps around the world.

Furthermore, Bright Data offers several proxy types including residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile. You can manage all your proxies and services with a user-friendly proxy manager and a browser extension as well.

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