The creator and distributor of the sci-fi space voyage game EVE Online, CCP Games, recently declared that they are in the process of making a spin-off video game utilizing blockchain technology. Secured by external partners, CCP Games is aiming to construct a AAA game that is situated in the EVE Online world.

Many EVE Online followers may remember that the MMO came out back in 2003, reaching its 20-year mark in 2023. Even though it has been around for a while, the game continues to remain popular and the development team keeps in close contact with the players and community. They also share updates about new content and expansions, like the EVE Online Uprising expansion. The latest news about the title includes using blockchain technology, which may be an influencing factor for players, even if they are already fans.

CCP Games recently announced via Twitter that they are developing a spinoff title set in the EVE Online universe, and revealed that Andreessen Horowitz had provided $40 million in venture capital funding. They also created a micro-site to present updates for the game, but as of now, only quotes from the developers’ partners and basic information about the project have been released in an official press release.

The press release indicated that the key characteristics of the upcoming EVE Online spin-off game are going to be built on the blockchain. It appears that their implementation of blockchain technology will concentrate on establishing new connections between the virtual world and its users. Given that EVE Online has long been driven by its players’ freedom on its server and the development team’s probable enthusiasm to try out new technology to create exciting experiences for its followers, it is not surprising for CCP Games to contemplate the potential of on-chain gaming.

It was back in 2021 when CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson declared that blockchain technology and NFTs would not be found in EVE Online anytime soon. Yet, now that the company is receiving financing from a significant venture capital firm, they apparently opted to give the technology a try. Fortunately, those fearful of NFTs and blockchain are in luck as the new AAA title is completely separate from the company’s current projects, such as EVE Online.

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