The gaming industry is predicted to reach $180.1 billion worth, and about 60% of Americans play video games daily. Many countries have multiple types of online games, video games, and mobile games banned. Gamers have found a way around this with the help of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). About 31% of internet users worldwide use VPN.

As a result of the increasing integral need for online safety, the importance of using VPNs for gaming has increased. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using VPN when gaming and how it can provide protection.

Access Banned Games

Certain countries have imposed multiple bans on different types of video games, mainly because of explicit content. The UK and Australia have banned games containing extreme violence, sexual content, sexual conduct, and drug use. Germany bans any and every game about Nazism. China has banned games with violence and nudity. Connecting your gaming console with a VPN can help you connect to a location where a particular game isn’t banned, and then you can access it.

Preventing DDoS Attacks

Lately, the online gaming industry has been prone to threats presented by any online hackers or intruders. Many servers have been impacted by denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) that can compromise the source of your game and force your server to go offline. Your phone or PC can shut down. When using a VPN with fast speed and unlimited bandwidth, you can protect your IP address to ensure that no one can find your connection to the server.

A person using their computer for gaming

Global Gaming Opportunities

Many countries have online video game platforms and servers where gamers can access various country-exclusive discounts and deals. Different content relating to the developer’s edition of the game can only be accessed in a few countries, and through VPNs, people can enjoy those deals.

Safety on Public Wi-Fi

In gaming zones, malls, airports, and restaurants, you’re accessing games through public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is vulnerable and open to a lot of cybersecurity threats. These networks have unencrypted network connections, so anyone’s data is available for hackers or intruders to use in the wrong ways. To protect your data and online activity from anyone, use a VPN.

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Multiple internet service providers deliberately provide a slower bandwidth for their customers. This is especially done on days or times of the day when there’s too much traffic on a network. Other ISPs always have automatic bandwidth throttling when they catch too much traffic, specifically for gaming, downloading, streaming, data transfer, or file sharing.

To escape bandwidth throttling, a user can encrypt their data with the help of a VPN, making it harder for the ISP to track where the traffic is going.

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