Every day there’s a new myth about how a VPN service is dangerous for your PC, or it doesn’t work at all. But these days, due to the increased privacy concerns and virus threats, it has become imperative to use a VPN service to protect yourself. On top of that, VPN services are great for providing secured access to restricted websites. Here are the 6 debunked myths regarding VPN.

VPN Services Are Illegal

While it’s true that some people use VPNs to access censored content on the internet, it doesn’t mean VPN programs are illegal. VPN is designed to protect your personal information and offer a secure and reliable internet browsing experience. It also allows smart phone users to access internet banking with fears of their information being stolen. Another use for VPN is sharing sensitive information like valuable company data or personal information. 

Free And Paid VPN Are The Same

The main purpose of a VPN is to offer a secure browsing experience to its users, privacy, and anonymity. All of these things come at a price, so paid VPN services aren’t essentially the same as free ones. However, if you only need to access a restricted website, a free VPN can let you do that by changing your IP address. But if you want proper security and privacy, a free version won’t cut it. You’ll need to pay for the advance functions.

VPN Protects Against Hackers

This is by far the most widespread myth about using VPN. While VPN does offer protection, it won’t protect you against any form of deliberate hacking, even if your VPN service claims it. Given the complex and evolving nature of hacking, it’s just not possible. But having a VPN service will protect your data from being corrupted by a virus.

VPN Corrupts The Internet Connection

VPN works by passing your data through its servers before sending it to the desired website. This is done to encrypt your data. This can make your internet slow because it takes time to encrypt information. But it doesn’t mean that your internet is corrupted and you’ll never get your old speed back. If speed is a major concern, you can opt for faster VPN services, but they usually cost more.

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